NHL, Alexander Radulov Jersey Fanatics extend partnership

NEW YORK — The National Hockey League (NHL) and Fanatics, Inc. (Fanatics) jointly announced today a significant long-term agreement that expands the scale and scope of Fanatics’ relationship with the League. As part of the new agreement,
Alexander Radulov Jersey Fanatics will now be the official manufacturer of a broad range of NHL® apparel and headwear,Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 11 Brendan Gallagher Authentic Home Red A Patch Ice Hockey Jersey,including replica jerseys, as well as hot market merchandise for the Stanley Cup® Playoffs and Final all starting with the 2017-18 NHL season.

Fanatics will also now operate on-site retail at numerous NHL marquee events, power the NHL’s auction web site and extend its relationship as the ecommerce operator for the League, which began in 2005.

“Our new long-term business partnership with Fanatics is a reflection of the growth and evolution of the consumer products and e-commerce business,” said NHL Executive Vice President and Chief Branding Officer Brian Jennings. “After a rigorous process, Fanatics emerged as an optimal choice given their commitments to
Alexander Radulov Hoceky Jersey expanding their already best-in-class capabilities in the e-commerce space, including building a sales and distribution infrastructure in Canada, and to produce lines of replica jerseys and apparel products that will excite NHL fans and drive sales for NHL retail partners.”

This deal expands the multichannel relationship between the two companies, while also leveraging Fanatics’ innovative mobile, merchandising and production capabilities to the benefit of both fans and retailers. With technology, mobile and social media all contributing to a surge in the speed at which fans want the latest gear, this new agreement will allow fans to have access to a broad assortment of products at their fingertips. The deal also ensures
Brendan Gallagher Jersey retailers are positioned with inventories of exciting products in short timeframes in order to respond to trends and sudden spikes in interest and demand as exciting moments
Youth Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 11 Brendan Gallagher 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey unfold during the NHL season.

“The NHL is a league that has consistently been on the cutting edge of bringing fans closer to the game they love, and that passion extends to the paradigm shift we’re seeing in terms of in-the-moment purchasing patterns,” said Fanatics CEO Doug Mack. “With our scale and agility, Fanatics is uniquely positioned to greatly enhance both the assortment and speed to market of NHL merchandise for retailers as well as fans across all devices and at games or big events.”

Beginning with the 2017-18 season, Fanatics will become the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of all adult replica NHL jerseys, the top tier of which will be called “The Breakaway.” The replica jerseys will be produced by Fanatics Branded, the company’s merchandise division, and will be designed with fan-first features that are intended for enhanced comfort and versatility. Fanatics will also offer a line of youth replica NHL jerseys.

This agreement also gives Fanatics a broad range of apparel and headwear rights, including official rights to manufacture and supply hot-market products for the League. These rights include the official locker room hats and t-shirts supplied to the Stanley Cup®
Men’s Reebok Montreal Canadiens 47 Alexander Radulov Authentic Away White NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap Champions.

“Now, more than ever, NHL fans want an array of opportunities to show passion for their team and cherish unforgettable moments as they happen and we’re excited to be working closely with the League on creating a more innovative merchandise model best suited for the on-demand economy,” said Raphael Peck, president of Fanatics Branded. “This new model will offer retailers and fans an exciting selection of fan gear and jerseys across all NHL teams and in a wide range of colors and sizes.”

Fanatics Branded produced jerseys and apparel will be sold on shop.NHL.com and across the Fanatics network of sites, as well as being offered through NHL team retail operations and various domestic and international retailers. Shop.NHL.com will also
Brendan Gallagher Jersey for Sale continue to carry a wide range of officially licensed NHL merchandise produced by other NHL manufacturers.

To support its expanding NHL business, Fanatics is setting up a wholesale sales division covering both the U.S. and Canada, as well as establishing a new physical local presence in Canada that will include dedicated staff and a fulfillment center to ensure first class domestic customer support and timely delivery of merchandise to hockey fans across the country. Fanatics recently hired veteran sports sales executive Glen Giovanucci to work closely with retailers and lead the company’s sales network, and also named longtime Canadian sports licensing executive Jeff Budway as GM of Fanatics in Canada.Youth Reebok Montreal Canadiens 47 Alexander Radulov Authentic Home Red NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap.

Canadiens Jeff Petry Jersey certainly made his presence felt in his return to active duty

OTTAWA – Jeff Petry certainly made his presence felt in his return to active duty on Saturday night.

After missing the season-opener with a lower-body injury sustained in the preseason finale on October 6, the 28-year-old defenseman scored twice in the Canadiens’ 4-3 shootout loss to the Ottawa Senators at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Jeff Petry Jersey, who spent a portion of his offseason recovering from surgery to repair a sports hernia, hadn’t made a regular season appearance since being forced to shut things down in late February and go under the knife in early March.

Getting back in the swing of things with the second multi-goal effort of his NHL career, though, was a nice way for the Ann Arbor, MI native to signal that his injury woes were clearly behind him and that all of his hard work to get back in game shape had paid off.

“Once the season starts, it’s definitely a little big quicker than preseason and a little bit more physical, too, so it feels good to be back in a regular season game,” shared Petry, who cut the Senators’ lead to 2-1 with a power play goal late in the second period, before putting the Montreal Canadiens Winter Classic Jersey up 3-2 at the nine-minute mark of the third. “I felt good. Ideally, we’d like to get the win.”

That’s for sure. Nevertheless, Michel Therrien’s troops collected three out of a possible four points during their first road trip of the year, demonstrating plenty of fight in Saturday night’s defeat by battling back from a two-goal deficit through 20 minutes of play – in which they were outshot by a 13-6 margin – to ultimately take the lead with 11 minutes remaining in regulation time.

“I think we had a slow start in the first. We came in here in between periods and we said that we’ve just got to win a period and chip away at it,” explained the Canadiens’ No. 26, who logged 20 minutes of ice time, generated three shots on goal Maillot Jeff Petry, and also dished out three hits in the shootout loss. “It showed that we could come back and battle back in the first test of the year. It’s good to see the fight to come back and at least take it to overtime.”

And, it was also good to see the Canadiens’ power play click as well. Associate head coach Kirk Muller has been working tirelessly to get it going all preseason long, and it appears that it’s well on its way to being back on track.

“It’s just a new philosophy. We’re moving the puck around and we’re trying to establish the shot early,” mentioned Petry, who, with his big shot, will surely be a mainstay on the back end in situations where the Custom Canadiens Jersey are up a man. “When we do it well, the play opens up.”

It goes without saying that the Canadiens’ bench boss was pleased to have Petry back on the blue line doing exactly the types of things he knows he’s capable of when he’s fully healthy and playing at the top of his game.

Jeff Petry is an important part of our club. It was nice to see him score two goals. Even though the power play was over [on his second goal], we see it as a power play goal,” praised Therrien. “I thought he was solid. He hadn’t played in a really long time and he looked really sharp tonight.”

Custom Orioles Jersey A Grandmother On The Making — And Almost Breaking — Of An Election Junkie

“Healthy democracies depend on unwritten rules. The Republican nominee has trampled all over them.” — The Economist, October 15,
Men’s Boston Red Sox Majestic Home White Flex Base Authentic ,Collection Custom Jersey 2016

Like most of us, I woke up last Thursday relieved that the debates are over and the end of the most corrosive presidential campaign I
Custom Orioles Jersey have ever witnessed is a growing light at the end of a dismal tunnel.

But I remain dismayed and troubled: On top of the lack of civility by partisans on all sides and the Republican nominee’s appalling civic ignorance exacerbated by the hate-filled, misogynistic, xenophobic, fear-inducing name-calling that marks his campaign, his recurring mantra that the election is “totally rigged” attacks the profound lessons about our democracy I’ve learned over what will be nineteen presidential cycles this November 8.

Nov. 7, 1944. “Quietly.” Miss Challis’s fifth graders at Phelps School in Springfield, Missouri, filed into the school lobby and sat cross-legged on the floor. The polling booths were lined up across from us. Voters arrived — our parents and neighbors, dressed for the occasion — chatted quietly, were given ballots and disappeared behind the curtains to mark them. Our class stayed a while, left as
Customized Baltimore Orioles Jersey quietly as we came, and another class took our place.

That morning — as a ten-year-old witnessing the communal act by which Franklin Delano Roosevelt was re-elected to his fourth and final term — I was introduced to the majesty and responsibility of We the People choosing our head of state and commander-in-chief and to our trust in the electoral process and the peaceful transfer of
Women’s Personalized Boston Red Sox Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey Sale power that follows. And I took my first steps down the road of becoming an election junkie.

Nov. 2, 1948. In Westchester County, New York, after a Fall of Harry Truman’s flat Missouri twang excoriating the “Do Nothing Congress” and Aunt Gertrude’s rooting for Tom Dewey because he looked like the groom on the wedding cake, our family huddled around our radio (no TV then) until the wee hours following election results. We staggered to bed anticipating, as everyone had predicted, President Dewey only to wake up, surprise, to President Truman. We ex-Missourians were elated; our Westchester County neighbors were deflated.

And I continued to absorb the central but unwritten rules about the essence of American democracy: We take sides, argue, disagree,
Custom Red Sox Jersey even throw mud, but then we vote and — expect the outcome or not, like the outcome or not — the loser concedes and we accept the will of the majority.

Nov. 8, 1960. Finally, at twenty-six, after moving from the then-disenfranchised District of Columbia to Virginia and being required to pay a poll tax to register there (a registration that’s still valid; the poll tax was repealed in 1964), I cast a presidential ballot. Absentee. We were on our first US Foreign Service assignment, half a world away in then-Malaya. We missed seeing the first-ever TV presidential debate between five-o’clock-shadow Nixon and fresh-faced Kennedy. And hearing Nixon’s gracious concession: Even though there had been possible voting irregularities that could have changed the outcome, he chose not to challenge the results rather than putting the country through the trauma of a contested election. Whether our ballots were received in time to be counted we never knew. But we voted. And I have not missed an election — local, state or national — since.

Three years later, we moved back to the States shortly before JFK’s assassination: Our older children’s introduction to a change of presidents, simultaneously traumatic in the cause yet orderly and reassuring in the way power and responsibility were immediately transferred.

Nov. 3, 1964. A three-year old pulls petals off a daisy. A man’s ominous voice in the background: “Ten, nine….” An atomic explosion.
Men’s Baltimore Orioles Home White Flex Base Authentic Custom Jersey.“Vote for President Johnson on November 3. The stakes are too high to stay home.”

The Daisy ad focused the Johnson-Goldwater campaign on Goldwater’s cavalier attitude toward the use of nuclear weapons. Goldwater lost in a wipe-out. Yet he conceded with grace and support for “our president” while promising that the Republicans would remain a party of opposition also working to solve the problems facing the nation.

Nov. 4, 1968. Our second election (of four) abroad I answered lots of questions about the confusing way American democracy works: Presidential elections are administered by the individual states, not centrally managed. We vote for members of the Electoral College who actually elect the president. And, in 1968 (a tumultuous year of
Customized Boston Red Sox Jersey assassinations, riots outside the Democratic convention, and anti-Vietnam War demonstrations) explaining in my rudimentary Indonesian the effect of a significant third party candidate, George Wallace, on Richard Nixon’s defeat of Hubert Humphrey after Lyndon Johnson decided not to run for re-election.

And yet, even that messy year, I remember underlining that Americans accept the result and the government continues to function. If some of us don’t like the outcome, we politick for change the next time. Which is the special dignity of our democracy in action that others often envy.

Many years later, in another country, I observed a real attempt at election rigging and actual voter fraud first hand. So I know what that can look like and how it’s done. And that it can lead to revolution.

Nov. 8, 1988. Soon after we settled back in the States permanently, I became an election official in Fairfax County, Virginia. With Bush-Dukakis my first presidential as Chief, I ran a poll almost every election for twenty-five years. My colleagues and I knew which of us were Democrats and which Republicans, but when we walked into the polling site, party affiliation dropped away. Like citizen election officials across the country we took pride in ensuring that voting at our poll was free, fair and accurate. And we worked with party-designated poll watchers so that everyone acknowledged it was properly done.

I know from experience that walk-in fraud is beyond rare in America. And that, given our decentralized system, rigging a national election is impossible. If there is fraud or rigging currently, frankly, it is gerrymandering and serious attempts to limit access to the franchise carried out by, I regret to say, mainly Republican-controlled state governments to maintain their party’s power. Changing that is urgent unfinished business and a challenge for us as voters and elected officials in both parties across the country.

But that is not the point. Encouraging vigilante poll watchers is in effect encouraging voter intimidation. Even though it has been an awful, venomous campaign with one candidate sinking from low to lower that has left me heartsick and empty, and even though many of us find one or perhaps both the major choices we face unpalatable, for one candidate, because he faces losing, to cry “The election is rigged, the election is rigged” is beyond unacceptable. Repeating that mantra ad nauseum completely undercuts the essence of our democracy, fracturing our already fragile faith in our self-government. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth.

That the Republican candidate is doing this repetitively makes me truly angry. Like most of us, I have invested too much of my life, for too long, actively participating, representing, protecting and implementing, winning some, losing some, not to shout: Wrong.

As a nation, we have profound, legitimate disagreements about governing, our future and solving our all too real problems. Many of us on both sides believe that the “other guys” will destroy our country as we know it. And to a degree, we are all correct. The country of my childhood, of my children’s childhood, even my grandchildren’s is in flux. Our “face” has changed. Too many of us across the board feel unheard and unheeded, displaced and disrespected. But despite the disagreements and distrust, I do not believe most of us want to invalidate our democratic bedrock. If we are willing to work at it, we can find common ground.

Nov. 8, 2016. Two weeks to go. So now is the time for choosing. Here, my friends on the other side, we agree to disagree. You vote your choice, I vote mine. That is the American way.

And I — in my nineteenth (but I hope not last) presidential election — choose to be a “nasty woman.” Yes. She and I are both flawed; we’re human.

But like her or not, trust her or not, she is well-informed, hardworking and capable. She can organize, legislate and, with some cooperation, govern. And he patently is not and cannot.

Now is the time to demonstrate that the state of our elective democracy remains healthy, not rigged. We can do this together by turning out across the country in enormous numbers to vote for her and her supporters down ballot (as I already have because we can
Youth Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange walk-in early-vote in Virginia) and defeat him. Hugely.

Dahua Tech @ MIPS RUSSIA 2011

Dahua DVR Tech as a Worldwide known manufacturer of CCTV products in the world successfully attended the MIPS 2011 in Moscow during 26th -29th April.



MIPS, as the world’s leading security exhibition, showed its extreme importance to be a public safety products business platform in Russia and the surrounding areas.

Because of the strong performance and high stability, dahua camera products stood out of other similar exhibits.



In MIPS 2011, dahua security camera presented different series of classic products, and ome new items which released his year, such as new D1 DVR1604HF-A, HD-SDI compression card VEC8004HD, IP CCTV Security Camera HDC-HF3211P/N, 3.0M Pixels IPC IPCHF3300P/N,etc. All these new models attracted a lot of visitors to visit our booth and showing their interesting.

Through this exhibition we find that based on the excellent quality and competitive price of our products, DAHUA brand becomes more and more popular in the CIS region. And we firmly believe that, our strong R&D ability, good quality and sincerity of all DAHUA members will help the oversea business to become wider.

Custom Orioles Jersey Meet the baby who was born twice

Margaret Boemer went for a routine ultrasound 16 weeks into her pregnancy with her third child. She quickly found out that things were far from routine.Men’s Boston Red Sox Majestic Home White Flex Base Authentic Collection Custom Jersey.

“They saw something on the scan, and the doctor came in and told us that there was something seriously wrong with our baby and that
Custom Orioles Jersey she had a sacrococcygeal teratoma,” the Plano, Texas, mom said in an interview shared by Texas Children’s Hospital. “And it was very shocking and scary, because we didn’t know what that long word meant or what diagnosis that would bring.”
“This is the most common tumor we see in a newborn,” said Dr. Darrell Cass, co-director of Texas Children’s Fetal Center and
Customized Baltimore Orioles Jersey associate professor of surgery,
Women’s Personalized Boston Red Sox Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey Sale,pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College Medicine. “Even though it’s the most common we see, it’s still pretty rare.”
Found more often in girls than boys, this tumor occurs in one out of every 35,000 births.
Unfortunately, this was not the first bad news of Boemer’s pregnancy. Originally, she had been pregnant with twins, but lost one of the babies before her second trimester.
It was a shock at 16 weeks to learn of her daughter’s rare birth defect.
“Some of these tumors can be very well-tolerated, so the fetus has it and can get born with it and we can take it out after the baby’s born,”
Custom Red Sox Jersey said Cass. “But about half of the time, they cause problems for the fetus and it’s usually causing problems because of a blood flow problem.”
Cass explained that the tumor is trying to grow by sucking blood flow from the baby, yet the baby is also trying to grow, too “so it becomes a competition.”
“And in some instances, the tumor wins and the heart just can’t keep up and the heart goes into failure and the baby dies,” said Cass.
With a large tumor stealing the blood supply, Boemer’s fetus was
Men’s Baltimore Orioles Home White Flex Base Authentic Custom Jersey becoming more ill each day, doctors explained to the expectant mother. Something had to be done.
Although other doctors had advised her to terminate the pregnancy, Cass and his team told her about another possibility: fetal surgery. This option, though, would not be an easy road. Even worse, her baby’s chances of survival would be grim.
“LynLee didn’t have much of a chance,” Boemer said. “At 23 weeks,
Customized Boston Red Sox Jersey the tumor was shutting her heart down and causing her to go into cardiac failure, so it was a choice of allowing the tumor to take over her body or giving her a chance at life.
“It was an easy decision for us: We wanted to give her life.”Youth Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange.

Meet Dahua@Security China2012

The Biennial Security China 2012 will take place in Beijing from Dec. 3 to 6, 2012. dahua camera Technology is now undergoing an elaborate preparation and hope to rock you with the eye-catching product picks. Dahua’s stand is C66,E2.


@Security China 2012, dahua security camera will also expose some new series as below.
The most sparkling part is the release of HDCVITM solution—an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard which developed in-house. The release of HDCVITM is the benchmark for stepping into the new analog HD era — 1920H(1920×1080) & 1280H(1280×720) signal transmission; it also composites Video/Audio/PTZ signals together and the transmission range is up to 500-meter.
Then comes to the storage line, there are 2 more additional to Dahua DVR family, which are NVR5200 & NVR5800 series with total resource of 200/240fps@1080p, and both are up to 5Mp-reso CCTV IP Camera. To be more specific, the NVR5200-P, a submodel of NVR5200 is a 1U NVR with 8 PoE ports, and the NVR5800 series, with channels of 8/16/32, satisfies the needs of relatively larger scaled applications.
As for the Home-use line, a brand new smart mini DVR series will be brought to you. They are with VGA/TV output and supports full channel D1(4CIF) recording. They also support smart phone/pad/tablet surveillance. What’s impressed most is the elegant appearance: compact, light and smooth. (Please click to know more about Dahua Home-use cameras)
Other exhibitions include 3-inch/4-inch PTZ dome IP CCTV Security Camera, WDR network cameras, IPCs with varifocal motorized lens and etc.
Looking forward to see you@C66,E2, Beijing, China!

Canadiens Jeff Petery Jersey and Senators at the Canadian Nathan Beaulieu Jersey Tire Centre.

OTTAWA – Here’s a numerical look at Saturday night’s game between the Custom Canadiens Jersey and Senators at the Canadian Tire Centre.

2 – Number of times during the 2015-16 campaign in which goaltender Al Montoya made consecutive starts with the Florida Panthers. In Carey Price’s absence, Montoya made his second straight start on Saturday night against Ottawa after being between the pipes in the season-opener on Thursday.

8 – Number of days that elapsed since Maillot Jeff Petry went down with a lower-body injury in the Canadiens’ preseason finale on October 6, and his first appearance of the regular season on Saturday night at the Canadian Tire Centre.

4 – Number of Canadiens players who dished out at least three hits during Saturday night’s tilt, with Shea Weber leading the way with five of his own.

256 – By finding the back of the net on the power play during the second period in Ottawa, Jeff Petry lit the lamp for the first time since February 2 against the Philadelphia Flyers, a span of 256 days between goals.

1 – Petry’s tally with the man advantage was the Canadiens’ first power play marker of the year. Michel Therrien’s troops ultimately got their power play rolling with a pair of goals while up a man against the Senators on Saturday night.

30 – Number of assists Nathan Beaulieu Jersey has amassed over the course of his NHL career, adding to that tally by picking up the primary assist on Petry’s first goal of the season in the middle frame. The Strathroy, ON native was playing in his 153rd career game on Saturday night.

2:50 – Mark of the third period when Artturi Lehkonen put a loose puck past Senators netminder Craig Anderson to tie things up 2-2. It marked the first goal of the 21-year-old Finnish forward’s NHL career.

2 – Number of multi-goal games Jeff Petry Jersey has registered over the course of his NHL career, accomplishing that feat once again on Saturday night when his blast from the point early in the third period found the back of the net to put the Canadiens up 3-2. The Michigan native last scored twice in a single game back on November 20, 2015 in a 5-3 win over the New York Islanders.

Montreal Canadiens Mikhail Sergachev Jersey Cheap for Sale

The Cusom Canadiens Jersey held an optional skate at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa on Saturday morning ahead of their tilt against the Senators.

– Fifteen players elected to hit the ice, including goaltenders Al Montoya and Charlie Lindgren, forwards Artturi Lehkonen, Daniel Carr, Max Pacioretty, Andrew Shaw, Alex Galchenyuk, Brian Flynn and Phillip Danault, and defensemen Jeff Petry, Greg Pateryn, Mikhail Sergachev, Alexei Emelin, Zach Redmond and Nathan Beaulieu.

– Saturday night’s contest will mark Petry’s regular-season debut after he was forced to miss the Canadiens’ previous outing on Thursday night in Buffalo with a lower-body injury suffered in the pre-season finale on October 2. You’ll recall that Petry underwent season-ending surgery in March to repair a sports hernia.

“It was kind of a fluke incident and I’m glad it wasn’t serious,” said Jeff Petry Jersey, who will be paired with Andrei Markov against Ottawa. “I didn’t know [how long I’d be out for after it happened], so when I got evaluated they said it was going to be a short period and I was glad to hear that. It was just about getting back to work and taking the steps to make it feel better as quickly as possible.”

– Petry’s return to active duty means that Sergachev will be a healthy scratch on Saturday night after making his NHL debut in the season-opener in Buffalo.

Sven Andrighetto Jersey cleared waivers on Saturday afternoon and was assigned to the AHL’s St. John’s IceCaps by the Canadiens. News of Andrighetto remaining in the organization was quickly welcomed by captain Max Pacioretty, who believes the Swiss forward brings a lot to the table skill-wise.

“He’s a very good player. I enjoyed playing with him a lot last year when I was on a line with him when Gally [Brendan Gallagher] went down. He’s a guy that we’re going to probably need in the near future,” shared Pacioretty, on the subject of the 23-year-old former third-round selection. “Guys go up and down all the time. He’s a very skilled player. Maybe sometimes you wish that a guy like that would get his chance and get picked up, but in terms of our team, we’re happy he’s going to be here. We feel that he’s important to our depth.”

Greg Pateryn Jersey fully expects a high-octane affair on Saturday night at the Canadian Tire Centre. That’s just the way these two teams have played one another in recent years, and it’s shaping up to be another entertaining evening in the nation’s capital.

“I guess you never know what’s going to happen day in or day out, but every night you’ve got to go out there and compete and battle. These guys, they compete and battle all the time against us,” explained Pateryn, who will likely be throwing his 6-foot-3, 221-pound frame around against the Senators on more than a few occasions. “There’s a little more hatred between the two teams. I’m expecting it to be pretty physical and I play right into that.”

– With Carey Price Jersey still on the sidelines with a severe flu, Al Montoya will make his second straight start for the Canadiens. He has a 2-3-0 record, 2.82 goals-against average and a .900 save percentage in seven career appearances against the Senators. Ottawa, meanwhile, will counter with Craig Anderson.

– Puck drop is scheduled for 7 p.m. The game will be broadcast on City Montreal and TVA Sports, as well as on TSN 690 and 98.5 fm.

Custom MLB Baseball Jersey Top Asian News 7:55 a.m. GMT

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — America’s top diplomat for Asia said Monday that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial remarks and a “real climate of uncertainty” about his government’s intentions have sparked distress in the U.S. and other countries.
Custom MLB Baseball Jersey Daniel Russel, the assistant secretary of
Men’s Atlanta Braves Majestic White Home Flexbase Authentic Collection Custom Jersey state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, said he also relayed to Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. international concern over continuing killings under Duterte’s crackdown against illegal drugs. Russel’s visit to the Philippines, part of a three-nation trip to Southeast Asia, comes amid increasing uncertainty about Washington’s treaty alliance with Manila. The brash Duterte, who took office on June 30, has displayed antagonism toward America, declaring his desire to scale back military engagements with the U.S.

BEIJING (AP) — Having punished more than a million Communist Party members for corruption, Chinese President Xi Jinping will use a key meeting that started Monday to drive home the message that
Custom Braves Jersey his signature anti-graft campaign is far from over and that his authority remains undiminished. The Central Committee plenary gathering also sets in motion preparations for next year’s 19th national party congress that will kickoff Xi’s second five-year term as head of the ruling party. At next year’s gathering, Xi is expected to place trusted lieutenants into the party’s top bodies, including the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee, five of whose seven current members are, by custom, due to step down.

HONG KONG (AP) — A British banker was using cocaine when he killed two Indonesian women by slitting their throats and then used
Personalized Atlanta Braves Jersey his phone to film himself talking about it, a Hong Kong prosecutor said as a trial for the 2014 killings opened Monday. The banker, Rurik Jutting, entered a plea of not guilty to two murder charges that were read out at the High Court,
Men’s Customized Atlanta Braves Authentic Alternate Road Navy Blue Jersey,with prosecutors rejecting his attempt to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. Jutting is charged with the murders of Sumarti Ningsih, 23 and Seneng Mujiasih, 26 whose bodies were found in his upscale apartment near the Asian financial center’s Wan Chai red-light district, in a case highlighting the Asian financial hub’s inequality and privileged lifestyle of its wealthy expat elite.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced that his country is separating from the U.S. in a speech before a Beijing economic forum last week, after handing China a major diplomatic victory by agreeing to resume dialogue on their South China Sea territorial dispute following months of acrimony. But after he returned to the Philippines, Duterte said he did not mean he would cut off ties with the U.S., adding that it’s in his country’s best interest to stay with America. In other images from the Asia-Pacific region last week, a Philippine police van rammed into protesters, leaving several bloodied, as an anti-U.S. rally turned violent at the American Embassy in Manila.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s president on Monday proposed revising the country’s constitution, which limits leaders to a single five-year term. Critics immediately called it an attempt to
Customized Atlanta Braves Jersey divert attention from corruption scandals involving her associates. It wasn’t immediately clear if President Park Geun-hye intended the change to allow her to run for office again, though analysts said that was unlikely. Park pledged during her presidential campaign four years ago to try to change the system. South Korea adopted the current system in 1987, ending decades of military-backed dictatorships, including one by Park’s father, Park Chung-hee. Under the current system, a president is
Youth Personalized Stitched Atlanta Braves Authentic White Alternate Baseball Jersey barred by law from seeking a second term.

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s army says Indian troops fired “unprovoked” across the border between the two sides in the contested region of Kashmir, killing two Pakistani villagers, including a year-and-a-half-old child. Monday’s statement says the firing came overnight from three sectors near the Sialkot district and also wounded seven other villagers. It says the Pakistani troops are responding to the attack. Tensions have risen in the region since last month, when India claimed it conducted “surgical strikes” against militants on Pakistani soil. The Indian airstrikes were in response to a September attack that killed 19 Indian soldiers in the disputed Kashmir.

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Sunday that Filipino fishermen “may” be able to return to the Chinese-held Scarborough Shoal in a few days after he discussed the territorial rift with Chinese leaders, but he did not say whether China imposed conditions. Duterte said that in talks in Beijing this past week, he insisted that the shoal off his country’s northwestern coast — which China effectively took control of in 2012 following a standoff with the Philippines — belonged to his country, but added that the Chinese also asserted their claim of ownership. If Filipinos are allowed to sail back to Scarborough, a traditional fishing ground and storm shelter, Duterte said they would be prohibited from fishing inside a sprawling lagoon that is a fish spawning ground that
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NEW DELHI (AP) — Security forces were hunting through forests in southeast India Monday for Maoist rebels after a fierce gunfight left 21 rebels dead and two policemen wounded. The gunfight broke out late Sunday after police received a tip that 60 Maoist rebels were gathered in forests on the border of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states, said a police officer speaking on customary condition of anonymity. The gunfight lasted an hour before the rebels scattered into the dense forests. At daybreak Monday, police and paramilitary soldiers launched a search for them, he said. Police have recovered some arms and ammunition from the area.

SYDNEY (AP) — A surfer sustained teeth wounds to his thigh on Monday in the third shark attack off New South Wales state north of Sydney in a month, police said. The man, aged in his 30s, was attacked at Byron Bay, 36 kilometers (22 miles) north of Ballina, where a 25-year-old man sustained minor leg injuries while surfing with friends on Oct. 12, a police statement said. On Sept. 26, a 17-year-old surfer required stiches to close a leg wound after he was bitten by a shark off Ballina, 600 kilometers (350 miles) north of Sydney. A 41-year-old Japanese surfer was killed by a shark off
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TOKYO (AP) — Two apparent explosions hit the Japanese city of Utsunomiya back-to-back Sunday, killing one person and injuring three others in what police are viewing as a possible suicide. Japanese media reports suggest that the victim, believed to be a 72-year-old former military officer, may have set his house on fire, blown up his car in a public parking lot and then blown himself up in a nearby park. A note found in the clothing of the badly burned victim included the name of the former officer, Japanese broadcaster NHK and other media reported. The name was not disclosed. One of the cars destroyed in a fiery blaze in the parking lot belonged to the retired military man, and his house burned to the ground earlier on Sunday, the reports said.

Custom MLB Baseball Jersey China’s Xi seeks to enforce will at Communist Party meeting

Having punished more than a million Communist Party members for corruption, Chinese President Xi Jinping will use a key meeting that started Monday to drive home the message that his signature anti-graft campaign is far from over and that his authority remains
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The Central Committee plenary gathering also sets in motion preparations for next year’s 19th national party congress that will
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At next year’s gathering, Xi is expected to place trusted lieutenants into the party’s top bodies, including the all-powerful Politburo Standing Committee, five of whose seven current members are, by
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This week’s meeting comes as Xi is riding high as China’s most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping led the country in the 1980s and gaining kudos at home for his assertive foreign policy, including the leveraging of China’s political and economic heft to open up a rift
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Yet Xi’s domestic challenges are legion, ranging from slowing economic growth to massive layoffs resulting from the closure of steel and coal mines and other heavy industries in an effort to reduce industrial overcapacity. The state sector still plays an outsize
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Xi, the son of a former vice premier, has sought to exercise near total control by heading-up a collection of party “leading groups” including a newly created National Security Council that are seen as further eroding the legitimacy of established government institutions. Few political reforms have been mooted and Xi has drawn fire overseas for waging a sweeping campaign against activist lawyers and government critics resulting in a series of televised confessions reminiscent of Josef Stalin’s show trials.

Official sources have offered little insight into this week’s discussions bringing together the more than 350 Central Committee members and their alternates at a military guesthouse in western Beijing. The official Xinhua News Agency reported their theme would be “strengthening and standardizing intra-party political life,” while seeking to “primarily resolve problems of Party leadership fatigue and slackness in party governance and discipline observation.”

That indicates Xi is experiencing difficulty keeping the rank and file on-program and establishing himself as the party’s “core,” said Zhang Lifan, an independent political commentator in Beijing.

“The (meeting’s) agenda … indicates that resistance within the system is persistent and the leader needs to crack the whip,” Zhang said. “If he fails to get it done now, it will be even harder to achieve in future.”

Xi’s main goal at the gathering is to get rid of “governance by
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“For a long time now, problems have existed such as party above state, individual above party or party above law,” Hu said.

Other state media reports say new declarations on the anti-corruption front will be issued and the most recent defaulters
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The past year has seen a number of retired and serving party big-wigs fall, including former top general Guo Boxiong. That followed the downfall earlier in Xi’s term of powerful officials including former Politburo Standing Committee member Zhou Yongkang. More than 1 million of the party’s 88 million members have been handed punishments since 2013, according to party corruption watchdog, the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection.

State media say a pair of documents toughening discipline will be put forward at this week’s meeting, reflecting Xi’s preference for pursuing anti-corruption through party channels rather than the legal system.

What’s not clear is how Xi plans to tackle the unintended results of the anti-graft drive. Those include the reluctance of low-level bureaucrats to do their jobs for fear of being accused of taking bribes and a malaise among the higher-ups unwilling to act until they can once again earn kickbacks, according to recent editorials in the China Daily and other state newspapers.

Shortly after the meeting, the process of selecting the roughly 2,300 delegates for next year’s five-yearly national congress will begin. Past plenums have seen participants vote in a straw poll as a first step toward selection of candidates for the next Politburo.

Despite informal rules on retirement, Xi may push to have ally Wang Qishan, who has been spearheading the anti-corruption drive, remain on the Politburo Standing Committee, said Steve Tsang, a Chinese politics expert at the University of Nottingham. Xi might then use his personal authority to angle for a third five-year term,
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“I don’t think this is a foregone conclusion, as there is strong resistance within the establishment against Xi breaking rules to do so and asserting himself so powerfully. We will see from how the plenum goes the real extent of Xi’s power,” Tsang said.

Xi has offered no public insights or opinions on the meeting’s nitty-gritty, but in a speech at a patriotic gathering on Friday, called for total adherence to party edicts, devotion to the people and full support for the armed forces that remain ultimately loyal to the party rather than the Chinese nation.

He offered a hopeful message as well, saying the struggles of the past showed that no challenge was too great and that China was closing in on its goal of becoming a modern nation with a comfortably well-off society.

“We are closer now than at any period in history to realizing the great goal of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” Xi said, shortly before the meeting closed with the singing of communist anthem “The International.”

“We have more confidence and ability than at any period in history to realize this goal.”Women’s Custom Any Name Any Number Atlanta Braves Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey.

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