L.A. N Justin Smoak Canada Day Jersey ative Steven Mitchell Receives Opportunity to Play For Hometown Team

Former USC wide receiver Steven Mitchell is now hoping to make a name for himself as a UDFA for the Rams.

There’s not many players in the league who get the chance to sign with a club located in the same city as their college program. There’s even fewer who receive the opportunity to play high school ball, college ball, and professional football all within a 50-mile radius.

But wide receiver Steven Mitchell — who recently signed with Los Angeles as an undrafted free agent — is one such player.

“Honestly it’s a blessing. I didn’t know where I would land as far as the whole draft process, but one thing my parents told me is to always believe in God’s plan, and that’s what I did,” he  Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 14 Justin Smoak Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey said. “To stay in L.A. and I’m at home — I played in the Coliseum all four years — I’m excited.”

Mitchell grew up in the San Fernando Valley and went to high school at Bishop Alemany, before heading to USC.

And while he finished his college career as one of the Trojans’ most productive wide receivers — recording 644 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 2017 — Mitchell’s tenure was not without its share of challenges, including them two season-ending injuries.

“It was tough in the beginning,” he admitted. “After I tore my first ACL, that was pretty hard, but when I tore my left one, I knew all the right things to do and what not to do. So, it’s been pretty uplifting. I played the whole season last year healthy and I just contributed as much as possible. So, I’m just happy to be here.” 

L.A. was among one of the first teams to contact Mitchell after the draft. And though he admitted that like every college player, “the dream was to get drafted,” Mitchell said he believes the Rams will offer a unique chance to compete at and reach his highest potential. 

“I think that just added a chip on my shoulder. It makes me play even harder,” he said. “This is a dream come true. I’m going to make my family proud, make the Rams family proud. I don’t think it could have went any better.”

Plus, when he arrived at the Rams facility on Monday, the wideout was happy to see a familiar face in former USC standout, Robert Woods. In coming onto a team with such a talented wide receiving corps, Mitchell hopes learning from veteran players like Woods, will help him to carve out his own path.

“We were out on the field today [and] if you see videos, I was focused on him and all the o Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey lder vets — seeing everything that they do, [watching] their techniques and how they run their routes,” Mitchell said. “It’s pr Marco Estrada Canada Day Jersey etty much being a student really. I know my abilities, so what I have to do is get out on the field and just show the coaches what I can do.”

Rams Welcome Back Franchise Greats for Legen Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey ds Weekend

In what’s becoming an annual event, the Rams welcomed back many of the great players in franchise history for legends weekend.

In what’s becoming an annual event, the Rams welcomed back many of the great players in franchise history for legends weekend. The many former Rams — who played for the team in either of its locations — were at the team facility to observe the workouts and sit in on meetings.

Among the legends in attendance was Hall of Fame offensive lineman Jackie Slater, who was also at the event last year. He said he’s continued to be impressed by head coach Sean McVay and the way he teaches. 

“What’s the same is they welcome us and they mak Roberto Osuna Canada Day Jersey e us feel like we’re a part of what they’re doing, even though we’re never here,” Slater said. “But I think the biggest difference, the thing that jumped out at me about Coach McVay a year ago, was how when we went into the room in there and he was going over some of the basic plays that they were installing, and he talked to every single position during th Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey at period of time.”

Running back Steven Jackson — the all-time franchise leader in yards rushing with 10,138 — also took note of how McVay teaches the details of his offense so well.

“He’s an aggressive play-caller. Balanced. Demands a lot of his players. Knows their potential, and maximizes it on S Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey undays,” Jackson said. “But he does it in a way that’s not — he can put it in layman’s terms. He’s not speaking over people’s heads.”

That comes through even with Hall of Famers like Jack Youngblood, who may have been a bit skeptical of McVay when he was hired purely because of the head coach’s young age.

“Yeah, he’s young. But he’s real smart, too,” Youngblood said with a laugh. “And we were talking about that the last time we were here. Tom Mack and I looked at each other and went, ‘Ooo, what if that happened to us? We were older than the head coach.’ But it’s a really good thing. And he proved that he’s a good head coach.”

Super Bowl XXXIV champion defensive back Todd Lyght is currently the DBs coach at Notre Dame, and he said he even picked up some things he’ll bring bac Youth Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey k to South Bend during his time at the facility on Friday.

“Absolutely, I was listening and watching very intently on some of the instructions that they were giving them, especially some of the drill work and some of the footwork drill work that they were doing today,” Lyght said. “So, yeah, I’m going to take it back and hopefully during some of the end of the OTAs, when we’re back off the recruiting cycle I will be able to come back and watch a couple of practices and further my knowledge and my professional development.”

But the former players said the best part of the weekend is getting to be around their teammates.

“We get to tell our exaggerated stories, and we have a lot of them. We may stretch it just a little bit now and then — ‘I was better than I really was,’ sometimes. But we’re a family. Especially us that played for just the Rams,” Youngblood said. “It’s a lot of fun. And it’s great to be able to communicate with your old teammates, find out how the babies are, and how many grandbabies do you have, and who got operated on this year, and what did you operate on — and there’s a lot of that going on. But it’s a tremendous asset, I think, for not only just the franchise, but for us.”

“We appreciate one another for what we did more than anybody else — any coach that we had, any back that we were blocking for, and quarterback we had. We appreciated each other and it’s good to see them because you can remember when they were special,” Slater said. “You can remember how much work they put in and then you wonder sometimes, are their other guys that are playing today, did they work as hard as [Tom] Newbury, did they work as hard as Dennis Harris, did they work as hard asme? You wonder those things and you hope that they are and so when I see these guys it’s like family. It’s like one of the coolest things.”

McE Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey lroy Reflects on Unlikely Journey to the NFL

Codey McElroy ‘s path to the Rams consists of a stint in minor league baseball and a season spent in college basketball, before signing as a UDFA.

The majority of NFL players share a similar path to the league — high school football athlete, to college football prospect, and finally to professional football player.

But for t Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey ight end Codey McElroy, the journey looks quite different — consisting of a stint in minor league baseball and a season spent in college basketball, before finally signing with the Rams as an undrafted free agent.

“Coming out of high school I was a baseball player,” McElroy said. “I didn’t have football. I gra Roberto Osuna Canada Day Jersey duated with 18 kids, so we played baseball and basketball.”

From there, the 6-foot-6, 255-pound athlete went onto play baseball at the University of Texas and Cameron University. He then spent a year in the Braves farm system, before deciding that baseball was not the “route I wanted to go with my life.”

He was ready, he says, to try something new.

“I had one year left of eligibility and that’s when I went back to Oklahoma State and I walked on the basketball team there — had a great experience,” he said. “But I was out of eligibility, so I graduated and was coaching baseball and thought I was done with my athletic career.”

It turned out his career was far from over. McEl Youth Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey roy went back to school — fully intending to graduate with a safety degree and become an engineer in the oil fields. Instead, the tight end walked on with the Southeastern football team and began to make a name for hi Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey mself in a sport he had never played.

“When I first started playing I just wanted to help the team win, I wanted to enjoy it,” McElroy said. “That was the plan going into it, [but] after the first couple of weeks I started to realize that I maybe had a chance to do something, to make this work and make a run for it.” 

The Rams thought so too. McElroy said the club was one of the first to call him, keeping in contact throughout the pre-draft process and ultimately throughout the college free agency period.

Although McElroy has the least experience of any current players on the roster, head coach Sean McVay believes his athleticism and size will serve him well throughout the offseason.

“Not a lot of football experience, but a lot of upside that you’ve seen,” he said recently. “[Pass game coordinator] Shane Waldron did a great job with kind of being able to study him and get a good feel for him, as somebody we wanted to attack, and identify as someone who was a priority free agent for us.” 

Plus, being a multi-sport athlete, McElroy is confident that he will be able to pick up the new schemes and information quickly and adjust to his new environment.

“Yesterday and today, it was a ton of information, but they’ve done a great job of explaining the things to me,” he said. “But I think at this position, it’s a position that you can take some athletes from other sports and if they have the size and athleticism, teach them some things that they don’t know. I think we can make it work.”

Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey Franklin-Myers Motivated to Excel at NFL Level

Despite going winless in his high school football career, rookie DE John Franklin-Myers is passionate about the game and eager to succeed in L.A.

After Los Angeles drafted John Franklin-Myers at No. 135 overall, the defensive end tried to find some Rams gear to represent his new team.

There was, however, a problem: Franklin-Myers was back in Texas with his family. And there was no L.A. hat or t-shirt to be found.

So the incoming rookie patiently waited two weeks, then walked into the team facility on Monday and excitedly found exactly what he’d been longing for waiting for him in his locker.

“You get drafted and you want to put on a hat or something after. But we looked all over and there was nothing. So finally I got some stuff,” Franklin-Myers said this week. “Hopefully I can send a shirt or something back to my family.”

In some ways, seeing his locker for the first time represented the pinnacle of a long, unlikely journey. But in others, Franklin-Myers feels like it’s just the beginning.

“It’s a dream come true that I’m able to be a Ram and come back to L.A. where I was born,” he said. “But it’s just the start. I haven’t made the team yet.”

That’s a mentality that comes from Franklin-Myers overcoming plenty just to make it to the league. In high school, for instance, the 6-foot-4, 283-pound lineman never won a game.

It’s almost hard to believe, but Greenville High School went 0-40 during Franklin-Myers’ time at the program.

“It was really frustrating,” Franklin-Myers said. “You go and as someone — it means a lot to me to play football and this is what kind of kept me out of trouble my whole life and got me where I’m at now. Every step you take guys may not have the same interest as you in football and may not take it seriously as you. So, that was a little frustrating and just not clicking together during the games. I mean the whole thing was frustrating, but there’s good and bad things in everything. I needed that to get me to where I am right now.”

And even as Franklin-Myers was recruited to play football at the next level, going winless as a high school player followed him.

“A lot of schools said I was undersized. I was a little small. They didn’t know I would gain weight — I got to college and I gained 35 pounds in three months. They also said, ‘I couldn’t win a high school game so what makes you think I would help them win a game?’” Franklin-Myers said. “I mean, it’s understandable — now I see it when I’m older. At first, I was mad about it but, again, it makes me who I am today.”

Those situations could have easily diminished Franklin-Myers’ passion for football. Instead, they only served as fuel for his fire.

“I would just say that I knew I wanted to play college football and I knew I wanted to go to the NFL. That was always my dr Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey eam,” Franklin-Myers said. “Some guys that’s not their dream and that’s fine, we all take o Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey ur different paths in life. That was my dream, so I did everything it took to get here and I’m going to continue to get better every single day.”

That mindset fits right in with what head coach Sean McVay has implemented in Los Angeles, with a process focused on daily improvement and daily excellence. For Franklin-Myers reaching the NFL is an accomplishment, to be sure. But it hasn’t left the young lineman satisfied.

“I’m not happy with just being drafted. That doesn’t mean anything,” Franklin-Myers said. “To me, becoming on the team, helping my team to win a Super Bowl, becoming a starter here in the future — all that stuff is stepping stones in my career. And I won’t be happy until I retire and my kids, kids, kids — a generation of wealth is what I’m looking for. I’m able to do that with this opportunity.”

Kelly Focused on Daily Imp Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey rovement in Year 1 With Rams

Rams rookie running back John Kelly is already following the team’s “one day at a time” outlook.

For the Rams newest running back, John Kelly, football is much more than just a game, it’s a way of life.

“Football has done a lot for me and my family, [it’s] definitely one thing that has kept me driven and kept me passionate every day,” Kelly told therams.com. “I always wake up with a smile because I can still play this game.”

Not only did playing football keep Kelly out of trouble while he was growing up in Detroit, but it also led him to the University of Tennessee — where he spent two years behind 2017 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, Alvin Kamara, before having a breakout season of his own as a junior. Kelly recorded 1,077 yards from sc Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey rimmage and nine touchdowns on 226 touches last season.

And it was in Knoxville where Kelly says he began to foster a “competitive edge,” something he believes will come aid him at the next level.

“I was able to play with some good running backs there and to come here and play with one of the best running backs in the league, I feel like I’m going to bring that edge to be able to compete,” he said.

But that edge is not the only thing Kelly brings to the table.

While at Tennessee, the running back proved himself as someone who takes his drive and translates it into high production. A case in point is how Kelly became one of just four players in the country to lead his team in rushing yards (778) and receptions (299).  

“I’m passionate, competitive and versatile,” Kelly said when asked to describe himself. “I feel like I can play any position [and] I practice how I play. 

With an attitude like that it’s easy to see why the rookie has already begun to make a positive impre Youth Majestic Flexbase Authentic 55 Russell Martin Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey ssion. And it’s also why Kelly seems to fit so well into the Rams organization and culture.

By Day 3, he was already following the “one day at a time” outlook that head coach Sean McVay so often preaches.

“To continue to get better everyday,” he said of his goals for Year 1. “That’s really the only thing. Those a Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey re really my only expectations — to constantly get better, constantly learn something new, and just constantly make every day my best day. That’s all I can think about.”

Who Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey Has an Edge at LB for the Rams?

The offseason departures of ILB Alec Ogletree and OLB Robert Quinn have raised a significnat question: Who will take their place?

The 2018 Rams re-vamped defen Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey se has mainly been about the team adding key pieces up front and in the backend. But the departures of Alec Ogletree and Robert Quinn have raised the question throughout the offseason of who will take their place.

There’s still a lot of time between now and the season opener against Oakland on Sept. 10, which means the Rams can be methodical about who th Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey ey chose to start. But at least for now, head coach Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 54 Roberto Osuna Toronto Blue Jays Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey  Sean McVay sounds content to have some competition at linebacker.

That’s with the likely exception of Mark Barron, who is the sole projected starter remaining at either inside or outside linebacker on the roster for 2017.

Still, McVay named Barron, Cory Littleton, Bryce Hager, and free agent signee Ramik Wilson as the four players who may get the first reps on the inside as the Rams begin OTAs next week.

“You look at Mark Barron, you look at Cory Littleton when he got an opportunity to start in place of Mark last year — how great he played against Tennessee — Bryce Hager stepped in when ’Tree got hurt in the Arizona game, and then Ramik Wilson is a guy that has played a lot of good football for a great defense in Kansas City the last couple of years,” McVay said on Tuesday. “So, those are guys that have played football, they are NFL-caliber players that you feel confident in.”

“But by no means are they ahead of anybody else,” McVay added. “Those guys have kind of earned the right to be the ones that are taking those first few reps and then we’ll see based on how they accelerate or how they perform.”

At outside linebacker, both Matt Longacre and Samson Ebukam played significant snaps in the 2017 defensive rotation. McVay mentioned both of them and Morgan Fox as players who may have an advantage to start OTAs. Fox played more as a defensive end in the club’s 3-4 scheme last year.

“That’s going to be something when you really look at it, Matt Longacre is a guy that has had some success. Morgan Fox is a guy that we feel like is going to allow us to play outside a little bit more because of his athleticism and his position flex. Samson Ebukam is a guy that we expect to take strides which he demonstrated throughout the year,” McVay said. “So, I think when you look at some of those guys we’ve had some production from the outside rusher spot and we’re excited about seeing them continue to grow.”

L.A. drafted a pair of inside linebackers and a pair of outside linebackers, and then signed another as a college free agent. Again, there’s plenty of time for all 13 linebackers to make an impression on the coaching staff — in either a positive or negative manner. And that’s how the players who contribute will ultimately be determined.

“Our job as a coaching staff is to evaluate and get the best 11 out there on offense, defense, and special teams,” McVay said.

For Okoronkwo, Playing for the Rams is an Edge Rusher’ Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey s Dream

After just three three days at the Rams facility, Okoronkwo is already eager to begin carving out his role.

As the 160th overall pick in this year’s draft, outside linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo had to wait more than 48 hours to hear his name called by the Rams. And because L.A. chose to forgo a traditional rookie minicamp, the Oklahoma product had to wait another two weeks before officially becoming an NFL athlete.

With all of that time, Okoronkwo was understandably anxious to get started when the rookie class first took the field this week.

“A bunch of my buddies and friends from school [had] already started and I’m at home with my parents,” he said recently. “I wanted to get into practice, and I’m just sitting at home waiting. But it feels a lot different actually being a part of the team now… It’s amazing.”

Though Tuesday represented his first time on the field in Los Angeles, Okoron Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 54 Roberto Osuna Toronto Blue Jays Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey kwo has been looking forward to carving out a role on the team’s roster. And with a glance over his college stat sheet, you can understand why.

From his freshman to his senior campaign, the outside linebacker consistently made an impact to become one of the most dominant forces on the Sooners’ defense. In 2017 alone, he amassed 76 tackles, 17.5 for loss and 8.0 sacks. Plus, as a self-proclaimed “effort guy,” he is ready to translate that same level of play to the league.

“I definitely see an opportunity to play if I do everything in my power,” Okoronkwo said. “So, I’m going to go in with a workers mentality. Come like a blue collar worker, just trying to earn a job.”

Fortunately for Okoronkwo, he is coming into an organization with plenty of experience on defense — stacked with one of the best coordinators in the league and several strong veteran players on the unit.

“Out of all 32 teams in the NFL, this is the perfect fit for me — playing here with Wade Phillips, just this 3-4 [scheme] and how aggressive it is,” he said. “I’m going to be playing with some of the most dominant pass rushers in the game. It’s an edge rushers dream playing here.”

Plus, one of the players Okoronkwo has studied the most is a player who used to star for the Rams. When asked who the edge rusher likes to model his game after, Okoronkwo mentioned several of the league’s top players, including former outside linebacker Robert Quinn.

“I’ve modeled my game after him,” he said. “[And also] Von Miller, Justin Houston — all people with just similar body types. It’s his dip and lean. He could really just run and bend around that corner, I feel like I can do that really well too. I watch his film so I know the method behind the madness.”

And as the Rams head into the 2018 season, Okoronkwo has the opportunity to fill Quinn’s spot on the outside, something he says is beyond his wildest dreams.

“It’s really crazy because when I first started playing that was one of the guys that my coaches in high school [would say], like eventually this is what you can do,” he said. “I started playing nose guard and three-technique originally, but he told me ‘when you finally get it, when the light comes on this is the type of player you’re going to be.’ That’s what he showed me and so I never forgot who Robert Quinn was.”

Okoronkwo admittedly has a long way to go before he reaches the caliber of Quinn as a pass rusher. So how does he see himself fitting into Los Angeles’ roster to begin his career?

“Special teams and pass rush,” he said. “I didn’t get a lot of that at Oklahoma [because] we didn’t put starters on special teams as much. “But I’m a high motor guy, so special teams is perfect for me and so is the pass rush — it’s something I could naturally from the first day playing football.”

“I just want all the veterans to know that I’m a dog and I’m a guy who’s ready to play right now,” Okoronkwo concluded.

McVay Remains Optimistic About Potential Donald Ex Roberto Osuna Canada Day Jersey tension

Signing Aaron Donald to a long-term extension remains a high priority for the Rams, says head coach Sean McVay.

The Rams began their 2018 offseason in much of the same way as they spent the majority of their program last year — in the absence of defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year remained away from the team through the majority of offseason activities in 2017 and all o Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey f training camp, before reporting just ahead of the club’s Week 1 contest. As is well known, Donald’s representation was seeking a contract extension from L.A.

And heading into the close of Phase II in the team’s offseason program, it appears as if Donald — who is entering the fifth and final year of his rookie contract — could stay away from the club for an extended period once again.

Despite the absence, head coach Sean McVay remained optimistic about Donald’s contract negotiations, mentioning that he and the star defensive tackle have remained in “constant dialogue” since the close of the regular season.

“I haven’t really talked specifically with him about some of those things, [but] I know that there is constant Roberto Osuna Canada Day Jersey  communication that has gone back and forth between he and his representation and then our guys,” McVay said Tuesday.

Through four seasons with the franchise, Donald has been one of the most dominant defensive forces in the league. Last season was particularly productive for the Pittsburgh product, as he recorded 11.0 sacks and a league-high 91 quarterback pressures.

And for those obvious reasons, signing Donald to a long-term extension remains a high priority for L.A.

“Clearly that is something that we want to be able to be proactive about trying to find a solution. We all know how much we respect and appreciate Aaron and the contributions that he’s made,” McVay said.

“Not sure what the timetable is on that,” he continued. “I wouldn’t have a problem if we got something done right now, but we’re very positive with the dialogue and we feel good about the rapport that exists between them and our people.”

Noteboom Eager to Roberto Osuna Canada Day Jersey Make Use of Versatility at the Next Level

With a background that includes hockey, basketball, football and shot put, Joseph Noteboom is hopeful that his athletic versatility will translate to the league.

Rams offensive tackle Joseph Noteboom has had a whirlwind start to his initial week in Los Angeles. Although the TCU product was drafted by the Rams more than two weeks ago, he arrived at the team’s facility for the very first time as an NFL player on Monday.

“We Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 54 Roberto Osuna Toronto Blue Jays Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey  got here yesterday and then we did all of the physical stuff [and] tried on our gear,” Noteboom  Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey said Tuesday. “This morning we were with the whole team — in the offensive meeting and O-line meeting. [Then] we went out on the field, did some drills and we have some more rookie stuff after this.”

And though hi Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey s schedule will undoubtedly be filled with plenty of firsts — whether it’s practices, meeting Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey s, or encounters — Noteboom said he was not anxious about beginning his journey with the Rams.

“It’s a great opportunity,” he said. “To come to a place with good veterans and to a team that’s expected to be really good, it’s [getting] you to be working at that standard.”

That standard shouldn’t be too challenging for Noteboom to reach. The offensive tackle had an extremely productive college career at TCU, starting every single game in his last three seasons. 

Plus, throughout the pre-draft process, Noteboom showcased his impressive potential at the Senior Bowl. He also enticed many scouts at the Combine by posting a 4.96 40-yard dash — the fourth-fastest time of all offensive linemen.

His speed, Noteboom said, comes from growing up as a multi-sport athlete.

“I did football, basketball, hockey and shot put. I’ve kind of just always been more of an athletic person, just been able to run fast,” he said.

But it’s the mention of hockey that surprised many in the room, as it can be difficult to imagine the 6-foot-5, 309-pound athlete on the ice. For Noteboom, however, that experience has helped him grow as an offensive lineman.  

“I started playing hockey when I was about four and it definitely helped my footwork,” he said. “I played defense, so it was kind of the same with the O-Line — matching with the offensive player. It definitely helped balance my feet and stuff like that.”

“I think if you play defense you are trying to protect your goalie at all costs and it’s kind of the same with your quarterback,” Noteboom continued. “That mentality and how I think playing on the offensive line is the same.”

With the right mindset and a solid foundation, Noteboom is excited to continue developing as the Rams offseason program continues.

“Just being more powerful and getting stronger,” Noteboom replies when asked what he’s like to improve. “I think the feet, the athleticism — just getting up to par with how strong and big these tackles are, [so] being bigger and stronger.”

Rams Sign Six College Free Agents, Waive T Roberto Osuna Canada Day Jersey hompson

The Rams have made several roster moves as the club’s rookies arrive in Southern California and will begin team activities on Tuesday.

In the initial period following the 2018 draft, Los Angeles signed seven undrafted free agents to bolster the team’s roster through the duration of the offseason. And heading into Phase 3 of the program, the Rams have officially added six more college free agents to their roster.

Additionally, Los Angeles has waived outside linebacker Carlos Thompson with an injury designation. Thompson played three games in 2017, starting the Week 17 contest against the 49ers. He recorded a total of three tackles during the season, including one for loss.

The athletes below will join LaQuvionte Gonzalez, Ricky Jeune, Jeremiah Kolone, Steven Mitchell, McKay Murphy, Ramon Richards, and Tegray Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey  Scales — along with the club’s 11 drafted players — as part of Los Angeles’ 2018 rookie class.

Nick Holley | RB | Kent State

Holley split his time between quarterback and running back at Kent State, though he suffered season-ending injuries in his last three seasons with the program. He began 2017 as the starting quarterback for the Golden Flashes, but tore his ACL in September. In Holley’s junior year, however, he rushed for 920 yards on 195 carries with 10 touchdowns, also making 13 receptions for 135 yards with two touchdowns in 2016.

Afolabi Laguda | S | Colorado

The free safety never missed a game in his time at Colorado, starting in 26 of 38 contests. Throughout h Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey is career, Laguda recorded 171 tackles, 11 pass deflections, four forced fumbles and two interceptions — becoming known for his aggressive style of play and impressive pass coverage.

Codey McElroy | TE | Southeastern Oklahoma State

A former minor league baseball player in the Atlanta Braves farm system, McElroy then walked on at Oklahoma State as a basketball player, before making the transition to football. The 6-foot-6, 255 pound tight Russell Martin Canada Day Jersey  end finished his only season at SEOSU with 14 receptions for 173 receiving yards.

Steven Parker | S | Oklahoma

Parker will join former teammate Ogbonnia Okoronkwo in Los Ange Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 54 Roberto Osuna Toronto Blue Jays Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey les this offseason. The Oklahoma product was a second-team all conference selection as a senior, compiling 63 tackles and six pass breakups. Plus he had an all-around productive career in Norman, playing in 50 games for the Sooners as a significant contributor on both defense and special teams.

Luis Perez | QB | Texas A&M-Commerce

Perez earned the Harlon Hill Trophy in 2017 as the best player in the nation for Division II, completing 70.6 percent of his passes for 5,001 yards with 46 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. His strong play helped lead Texas A&M-Commerce to its first national championship since 1972 last season.

Brian Womac | DE | Rice

Womac set a program record with 22 tackles for loss as a senior in 2017. His 10.0 sacks also led Conference USA last season. In all, Womac recorded 40.0 tackles for loss and 17.0 sacks in his four years at Rice.

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