Blue Jays Josh Donaldson jersey, Koger Talk Updated Timeline of L.A. Stadium

Rams COO Kevin Demoff and Legends project development SVP and managing director Dale Koger explained the changes to the timeline of the L.A. Stadium & Entertainment District at Hollywood Park on Thursday afternoon.

While this winter’s record-setting rainfall may have benefited the Southern California region, it has led to a delay in the opening of the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. The project is now slated to be complete in mid-2020, with the Rams playing their first season there that year.

“Obviously it’s a disappointment when you’ve been working on something every day,” Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff said on a conference call Thursday afternoon. “But our organization has always taken the long-term approach on the Los Angeles project. And this is important to get right.”

Demoff mentioned the vision of Rams Owner and Chairman E. Stanley Kroenke as the main reason to push back the opening date. According to Demoff, that vision has three main factors — that the project is world class, of the highest quality, and a game changer for the way stadiums and sports districts interact.

“What would be a bigger disappointment than pushing back aJosh Donaldson Youth Jersey year is failing to deliver on that vision,” Demoff said. “Stan’s vision is unique and I think it’s an unbelievable responsibility for all of us who work on this project to make sure we deliver that for him, for fans, for Angelenos, for the NFL, and for the world when you talk about an event, potentially, like the 2024 Olympics. It’s much more important to get it right than to make sure you hit a certain date.”

To that end, Legends project development S.V.P. and managing director Dale Koger explained on the call the heavy rains Los Angeles faced the first few months of the year delayed the project enough so that it might not be complete by the 2019 NFL season.

This created a significant challenge, as it came right in the process of digging the 90-foot deep hole for the stadium’s playing field.

“As you’re digging this hole, and you’re 70 feet in the ground on the way to 90, when it rains there’s literally nowhere for the rain to go,” Koger said. “So if it rains on a Monday and Tuesday, you really end up missing Monday, Tuesday, probably Wednesday, probably Thursday. And there was a time — at the peak of it — that we had 12 to 15 feet of water in the hole.”

Koger said the research the development team had done “indicated that we should anticipate no more than about 30 rain days in the entire 36 months or so of construction. And we encountered almost double that in two months.”

In some ways, the issue was compounded because the stadium Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey will host two clubs and as such will be used for at least 20 weeks in the NFL season.

“When you consider the fact that it’s a two-team facility, it’s not like the Rams could petition the league and say, ‘Let’s play our first few weeks away from home while we make up the Josh Donaldson Women’s Jersey,’” Koger said.

And so instead, the stadium is slated to open with a string of events Josh Donaldson Jersey that would lead up to the 2020 preseason. Demoff said the logical timetable for opening is around early summer with something like a soccer exhibition or concert. And those events typically start in May.

“What this allows is the Marcus Stroman Jersey first time we host an event that people will be able to walk onto a sports and entertainment district that is unparalleled in the world and exceeds, hopefully, everybody’s standards for what they expect from and entertainment and sports district,” Demoff said. “We’re targeting May, June to bring events in ahead of the schedule, ahead of the preseason to really take advantage of that summer event series. And I think that’s when you’ll see the building come to life.”

“One of the benefits of the 2020 schedule is we now have a more conventional schedule for an NFL stadium that could, in fact, accommodate some unforeseen situations,” Koger said.

But it’s the rain and only the rain that impacted this new timeline. As Demoff said on Thursday, the stadium designers worked with the Federal Aviation Administration on how deep into the ground the field would be set, eliminating any issues there. And Demoff said frankly, “Economics were not a factor in this decision, whatsoever.

“This decision was based on delivering a world-class stadium at the highest quality possible,”  he continued Justin Smoak Jersey. “And that was the only basis of this decision.”

Since breaking ground in November, there has been plenty of ongoing work at the site. Koger said in spite of the rain, the mass excavation of up to 6,000,000 cubic yards of dirt for the stadium itself is complete. Koger added the foundation to support the project’s roof is 97 percent complete, and the foundation to support the stadium bowl is 95 percent complete.

“There are hundreds of workers on the site each day,” Demoff said. “The jobs that we’ve created on the construction project will impact Inglewood and will provide them revenue through this period as well.”

There are, of course, some consequences to moving the timeline. Demoff said personal seat licenses are still slated to begin going on sale in the Ryan Goins Jersey fall in conjunction with the Chargers — nothing changes on that front. But the project will now require a waiver from the NFL to host Super Bowl LV. League rules currently stipulate a that a stadium cannot host a Super Bowl in its inaugural season.

Demoff said the likelihood of receiving a waiver is a better question for the league. But with two teams sharing the stadium, the Inglewood project does have some advantages.

“I think the reason for the two-year process is it gives the NFL the chance to go through 20 games to perfect how they want to run a Super Bowl,” Demoff said. “We have the unique advantage that we will have 20 NFL games in our building in 2020 — the same amount as a normal team would have over two years. We’ll have events in the summer. We will have the requisite number of events.

“But, obviously, this is the NFL’s decision. It’s a showcase game and they will want to make sure that it’s a great building for the Super Bowl. And we want to make sure Aaron Sanchez Jersey that’s a great building for the Super Bowl,” Demoff continued. “And that’s a conversation we need to have over the next few years.”

Moving the timeline back also means the Rams will play in the Coliseum for an extra year. That stadium is already undergoing a renovation process — with new scoreboards in place this season — scheduled to be complete in 2019.

But NFL rules also currently stipulate that a team in a temporary stadium must play in the NFL’s international series. Demoff said there was always a chance the Rams could play an international game in 2019 or 2020 anyway, given that they’re scheduled to host a Super Bowl.

And Darwin Barney Jersey finally — uniforms. Demoff said the Rams have already begun the two-year process of rebranding with the NFL and Nike. That means the club will have the choice of either changing their uniforms for the 2019 season or in 2020 to coincide with the opening of the stadium.

“That’s a decision we’ll make in the coming months as we look at uniforms,” Demoff said.


What Blue Jays Canada day Jersey Are the Rams Options at Center?

Los Angeles signed LT Andrew Whitworth to help revamp its offensive line, but how will the team handle the center position?

Throughout the Josh Donaldson Jersey offseason, one of the biggest questions surrounding the Rams’ offense is how the unit’s line will be composed.

Los Angeles partially answered it by signing former Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth to anchor the line, which keeps Rodger Saffold at left guard. Head coach Sean McVay has also moved Greg Robinson and Rob Havenstein to compete at right tackle and right guard, respectively.

It’s at center where L.A. continues to bring in options with OTAs beginning next week. In early April, the Rams signed John Sullivan, who started 93 games for the Vikings from 2009-2014 before missing the 2015 season with a back injury. He served as the backup center in Washington last year, learning Josh Donaldson Women’s Jersey McVay’s offensive system.

At rookie minicamp over the weekend, McVay said Sullivan and 2014 seventh-round pick Demetrius Rhaney have been taking the majority of snaps at center so far.

While they did not draft an offensive lineman, the Rams signed Jake Eldrenkamp as a college free agent out of Washington. He saw plenty of action at center during last weekend’s rookie minicamp.

“He’s got the movement skills that we look for in a center and he’s a big guy,” offensive coordinator Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Matt LaFleur said.

And L.A. made another move this week, claiming former Colts center Austin Blythe on waivers. A seventh-round pick out of Iowa in the 2016 draft, Blythe appeared in eight games last season, starting the club’s Week 4 matchup against the Jaguars.

But aside from the listed centers, McVay has said offensive line coach Aaron Kromer is working to cross train interior linemen.

“I think just because you’ve got to have the season in mind when you’ve got seven, maybe eight linemen Josh Donaldson Youth Jersey [active on gameday], if something did happen to one of those centers, typically it’s going to be [a] guard [filling in] — unless you’re going to have one of those guys that’s your sixth or seventh linemen be exclusively a center,” McVay said. “It’s important for those guards to be able to have some flexibility and be able to snap that football if some of those emergency situations dictate that.”

And so while Sullivan is likely No. 1 at the position at this point, the center competition will likely be Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey one to monitor through OTAs and training camp.


Custom Brewers Jersey Best Quotes from Rookie Minicamp

Between coaches and players, the Rams had plenty to say from the club’s two-day minicamp. Here are a few of the best press conference soundbites.

Over the last two days, Rams players and coaches have had plenty
Custom Brewers Jersey to say about rookie minicamp. Here are some of the best quotes from the three practices.


What are the differences in the route tree for guys like Cooper Kupp and Josh Reynolds in the NFL compared to what they were doing in college? “It’s going to be a little bit different, just because at Texas A&M they’re a little bit more spread out. [Josh Reynolds is] pretty much lined up outside of the numbers, and he’s kind of running straight-stem routes. Cooper was kind of moving all around the formation throughout the course of his career. I think we’re going to ask them to do things a little bit differently. But, what you can appreciate about both of those guys is they did a good job of being able to translate some of our verbiage, understand some of the little routes that we were putting in this week. You could see they’re both smart, conscientious players. It was good to see them move around this weekend.”

How might you try to balance the number of targets for the new receivers vs. the ones who are already on the roster? “[Y]ou certainly try to call plays to get certain guys involved, but when you feel like you’ve got a handful of playmakers, I think the idea is to kind of have that quarterback be a point guard and be a great distributor to all your guys. You want to be able to get them touches and get them involved. I’ve been a part of some offenses that we feel like we
Personalized Milwaukee Brewers Jersey were able to do that and we’ll look to try and do the same here.”


Aside from how quickly he’s picked up the offense, has anything else surprised you about Jared Goff? “I’ll be honest with you, I think he’s a little more accurate than I anticipated, so that got me excited.
Men’s Authentic Custom New York Mets Alternate Home Royal Blue MLB Jersey Cheap Obviously, he’s got a big arm. Until you work with a guy you don’t really know. Obviously, I studied him coming out in the draft and knew that he had some of the characteristics that you look for. He’s a natural thrower. He’s tough and he’s throwing the ball with, like I said before, surprisingly with really good accuracy.”

What excites you about Cooper Kupp? “I think the first thing you know about Cooper is he’s a pro and you can see that. He came in here not like most rookies do. He’s an extremely polished route runner, got great hands, is a precise route-runner. You can tell he works at his craft each and every day. He does a great job.”


How much pride do you take in defenses improving quickly once you arrive? “I’ve had a lot of good players. But, I attribute some of it to the way that we teach them, we don’t make many mistakes. We make sure we don’t make many mental mistakes, as far as alignment and assignment. Then, we work really hard on fundamentals and techniques and try to improve each player.”

Where did the inspiration come from to write your book, Son of Bum? “We’d been working on it for about a year and a half, so it took a little while to get it done because coaches don’t have much time off, especially during the year. During the offseason Vic Carucci and
MLB I worked on it. I think it came out well, at least it got over what I wanted to get over, which is how great my dad was and how he
Men’s Authentic Personalized New York Mets 2015 World Series Patch Home White Jersey influenced a lot of positive things in me and a lot of people. It’s a great Father’s Day present.”


Coming from a small school, did you go to the combine and private workouts thinking you had something to prove? “No. Anytime you come out there and you’re trying to prove something, you’re trying to be something more than what you are. If you’re trying to prove something, you’ve got a weight on your chest. There’s no room for error. But I’m just trying to come out and be who I am. I’m just going to play football. I know I’m a great player. So I’m going to come out and just let that show. That should be enough.”


What have been your impressions of Wade Phillips? “He’s chill,
Custom Mets Jersey man. Like he’s just right there trying to get you better. And that’s what I like about him. He’s just trying to get us better. Because if we mess up all he cares about his effort. If you give effort, man, you can make play even if you make a mistake.”


What do you remember about Aaron Donald from your shared time at Pitt? Ferociousness, strength, naturally gifted, hard worker. Men’s Milwaukee Brewers Authentic Personalized Royal Blue BP Baseball Jersey for Sale He’s probably one of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. So just to be that naturally gifted and that of a worker really says something about him.

Did you think Donald would be as good as he is? “Yeah. We even went back to high school. We were rivals in high school and he did crazy stuff to our O-line. So I’ve been seeing it in him, even though he was a smaller guy coming out of high school just like me. But he’s
Personalized New York Mets Jersey been a top dog, so I’m not
Women’s Customized Milwaukee Brewers Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey surprised he’s doing what he’s doing.”


Custom Yankees Jersey What Are the Rams Next Steps After Rookie Minicamp?

With minicamp complete, HC Sean McVay said he came away impressed with the team’s draft picks and hinted that there could be some changes to the 90-man roster.

After three practices over a pair of days, the Rams rookie minicamp
Custom Yankees Jersey has come to an end.

“Finishing up today, we feel like things went really well — kind of got out of it what we wanted to accomplish,” head coach Sean McVay said. “It was a very good weekend for us and we feel good about it.”

In terms of who stood out, McVay named many of the club’s draft picks. But with this particular camp, it’s a bit easier to evaluate those at skill positions — like tight end Gerald Everett, and wide receivers Cooper Kupp and Josh Reynolds — because the players aren’t
Personalized New York Yankees Jersey wearing pads. Plus, the Rams didn’t necessarily have big numbers on the offensive or defensive lines, so they were doing more 7-on-7 drills than usual.Men’s New York Yankees Authentic Personalized Navy Blue BP Jersey Sale.

“Cooper was a guy that consistently showed up. He got a lot of touches and I think it was predicated on the routes that he was running. The quarterbacks did a good job finding him,” McVay said. “But like we mentioned yesterday, I thought Josh showed really well. Gerald had his moments where he did some really good things. Even Sam Rogers — he catches a couple balls coming out of the backfield and showed his versatility and athleticism, why you likeed him at Virginia Tech.

“Johnson moved around really well,” McVay continued. “He’s a smooth safety, got great natural ball skills when you watch him in just the individual drills. So those guys that are our skill players that
Custom Athletics Jersey we took, we feel good about them.”

A safety out of Boston College, Johnson could appear at both safety spots — strong and free. McVay said Saturday that defensive coordinator Wade Phillips likes to have versatile safeties, and Johnson has shown an ability to do both.

“I think when you have a safety who can play both underneath as a box defender and as a middle safety, or half-field, quarter safety, it gives you more flexibility,” McVay said. “And that was one of the
Women’s Authentic Personalized New York Yankees Home White Baseball Jersey things we liked about John.”

While McVay made no guarantees, he did say there’s a chance many of those draft picks may play right away.

“I think the idea is that we’re expecting some of these guys to contribute and they certainly have to earn it and we know that we’re always looking to create competition at all spots,” McVay said. “Whoever we think is the best player to give us the best chance to have success is who’s going to play. I think what you see from some of those players at the receiver, at the tight end position, you’re encouraged and you’re hoping that it’ll project when we get out here with all the veterans and you really see where things are ramped up a little bit.”

That is the next step for the rookies on the roster, getting up to speed with the veterans. That’s a process that will begin in the classroom. According to McVay, the club has focused more on movement and the fundamentals the last two days. In the coming
Men’s Authentic Custom Oakland Athletics Alternate Yellow Baseball Jersey Cheap weeks, they’ll truly install the system.

“Now what we get a chance to do is teach it from a foundational level, really be thorough with that so we can add concepts and schemes on top of each other, they make sense, and there’s a reason why, and they start to understand that,” McVay said. “That’s when I think the true learning and understanding of our system starts to take place.”

But there’s also an evaluation process that is already underway. While Los Angeles’ draft picks likely have solidified spots on the
Personalized Oakland Athletics Jersey club’s 90-man roster, there could be some turnover given the amount of undrafted free agents and tryout players the Rams brought in for the weekend.

“We’re going to sit down as a staff and with Les [Snead] and his staff as well, kind of talk about the weekend, and figure out if there are Click Here any changes that are going to be made as far as how to figure out our 90-man roster,” McVay said.Men’s Authentic Personalized Oakland Athletics Home White Baseball Jersey.


LaFleur Blue Jays Jose Bautista Jersey Impressed with Goff’s Accuracy, Leadership

Offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur said QB Jared Goff has picked up the new offensive scheme at a quick pace, and has been an accurate thrower in the offseason program.

This  Jose Bautista Jersey weekend’s practices are for the rookies and tryout players, but there was one observing veteran who made an impression.

A year ago quarterback Jared Goff was participating in rookie minicamp. Today he stood outside the team’s weight room during the morning session, watching all that was happening on the field.

It was a sign of leadership that Goff’s coaches and newest teammates certainly noticed.

“I think that encourages those guys that are coming in,” offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur said. “I love it, that he’s around. I don’t think, if you go around the league, you’re going to find too many teams where the starting quarterback is sitting there watching these rookies in their rookie minicamp. I know he’s excited about some of the pieces we’ve added. I think it’s great for us, as an organization.”

“This Jose Bautista Canada Day Jersey isn’t the first time I’ve seen Jared around,” wide receiver Cooper Kupp said. “I worked out with him in during this draft process. And it was very clear the tenacity he has, and the desire he has to win. And that’s going to show. It just so happens that there’s people here to see it, but that’s something that’s going to be going on when there’s no cameras here.”

But more than that, LaFleur said he’s been impressed with how quickly Goff has picked up the new scheme since the start of the offseason program.

“Goff has been awesome, man,” LaFleur said. “When you get a new guy in an offense, there is a Jose Bautista Youth Jersey transition period with that. But he’s doing a nice job of picking it up at a surprisingly quick pace.”

After spending the last two years as Atlanta’s quarterbacks coach, LaFleur noted there is an adjustment from working with a seasoned veteran like Matt Ryan to a second-year QB in Goff. But Goff’s attitude in striving to improve has made it that much easier.

“I think anytime you’re dealing with a young quarterback, you never assume anything,” LaFleur said. “What’s been so much fun for me is, he’s a sponge and he is soaking up everything that you tell him. It’s been a joy to work with him thus far. Hopefully we keep chopping wood and get a little better every day.”

And on the Jose Bautista Women’s Jersey field, Goff has apparently excelled from the voluntary veteran minicamp through the on-field Phase II workouts.

“I’ll be honest with you — I think he’s a little more accurate than I anticipated. That got me excited,” LaFleur said. “Obviously, he’s got a big arm. Until you work with a guy, you don’t really know. Obviously I studied him coming out in the draft, and I knew he had some of the characteristics that you look for. He is a natural thrower. He’s tough and he’s throwing the ball with surprisingly, really good accuracy.”

It’s those qualities that have rookies like Kupp excited to get on the field with Goff.

“I can’t wait,” Kupp said. “Going through this, learning the offense, and making sure these next few days I’m getting everything down as best I can so when the quarterback steps out on the field, I’ve got things dialed and ready to go because I know he’s going to be ready to roll.


Custom Phillies Jersey McVay Encouraged by First Rookie Minicamp Practice

The Rams had about 50 draftees, college free agents, and tryout players all on the field Friday morning to begin rookie minicamp.

After arriving to the Rams’ facility in waves over the course of Thursday afternoon, Los Angeles’ draftees, college free agents, and tryout players were on the field for the first of three rookie minicamp practices.

Los Angeles has 50 individuals listed for its two-day camp, including 19 rookie and four veteran tryout players. They’ll all go through the
Custom Phillies Jersey process of meetings and workouts, getting acclimated to life in the NFL.

Friday morning, the Rams were on the field form about 10:30 to noon, going through individual position drills and some 7-on-7 group work before wrapping up. They’ll be back on the field for a second practice on Friday before their final practice at about noon on Saturday.

“For the first workout, very encouraged,” head coach Sean McVay said. “Love the effort, love the energy that we had. And we expect to
Personalized Pittsburgh Pirates Jersey see the same thing this afternoon.”

McVay said the club is mainly evaluating movement and players’ ability to compete in this short camp. The coaches don’t want to give the players too much to digest from the playbook, because it would likely hinder them in displaying their talents.

“We just want to see their ability to be able to say OK, I’m going to go out, compete, run routes, get into coverage positions, work some of the fundamentals and techniques,” McVay said. “That’s kind of the intent and the goal of this weekend, as far as our evaluation is concerned.”

However, McVay said the players will likely do more from an Xs and Os standpoint in the following weekend sessions.

“Right now, we’re in the very early stages of what they’ll do with our offensive and defensive schemes, just running a couple of plays on offense and running a couple coverages and fronts on defense,”
Custom Pirates Jersey McVay said. “We’ve got to be smart with some of our numbers that we have see how much team competition we can do this afternoon, we’ll be ready to adjust that. But it’s exclusive to really an hour and a half of meetings this morning with what they’ve been exposed to.”

From a player perspective, tight end Gerald Everett and wide receiver Cooper Kupp said it’s sometimes difficult to set aside the
Personalized Philadelphia Phillies Jersey mental aspects of the game and just compete — particularly when you’re making a first impression.

“You don’t want to mess up. You want to move 100 miles an hour and do the right things every play,” Everett said. “But it happens, especially being in rookie minicamp and the first day out here. So I think I had a couple errors, but not too many for my first day. Tomorrow I’ll be better.”

“For me, I want to know what’s the guy next to me got? What’s the back doing? Because that gives me a better idea of what I’m going to see defensively and be able to make my route adjustments off of that,” Kupp said. “So I definitely tend to think more than that, but it’ll just take me a little bit of time to get out of that and just back to playing ball.”

Aside from the draft picks, Los Angeles has a significant number of tryout players to evaluate. And as McVay put it, any one of them could turn out to be an important depth piece.

“My first year in coaching in Tampa, we had a guy, Clifton Smith out of Fresno State — comes here for a rookie tryout, ends up making the team and was a Pro Bowl returner,” McVay said. “Brandon Banks was a guy in Washington who came as a rookie tryout player, ends up making the team, was an outstanding returner, and is still doing his thing up in the Canadian League. I think there’s examples
Men’s Philadelphia Phillies Authentic Personalized Red BP Jersey for Sale of it.”

“You want to make sure that you give the guys that are trying out their due diligence,” McVay added. “And I think this weekend will
Click Here offer an opportunity to find who those best 90 players are on our roster and how we can add to some of the depth that we
Youth Philadelphia Phillies Authentic Personalized Home White Baseball Jersey already have in some of those spots.”


Personalized Toronto Blue Jays Jersey Rams Rookies Arrive for Minicamp

A few of the newest Rams give their first impressions after arriving at the team facility for rookie minicamp.

This weekend, the Rams will host over 40 first-year and tryout
Personalized Toronto Blue Jays Jersey players for their annual rookie minicamp. The players arrived at LAX from all over the country on Thursday before heading up to the team facility at Thousand Oaks to get situated. After getting fitted for a helmet and finding their locker for the first time, caught up with a few of the rookies for their first impressions. Here are some of their
Men’s Authentic Customized Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey Red best quotes.


Now that you’re in L.A. and at the facility, has it started to feel like you’re an NFL player? Definitely, man. It’s a surreal feeling right now. The draft’s over with, so just ready to get Day 1 under my belt, like I said. And just see the rest of the tight ends, and the rest of the offense, and the team as a whole. Just see how I fit in with the rest of the guys, and develop that chemistry. I see that they just finished up with Phase I, so a lot of guys aren’t here right now. But it just feels good to be here.

We just saw you talking with Tyler Higbee, what does it mean to you to start getting that partnership established? It means the world, just understanding what coach McVay likes to do with the tight ends, and understanding what he did with Jordan [Reed in Washington]. I just want to see what Tyler and I can do — the combination.


How excited are you to be a Ram? I can’t tell you how excited I am. I can’t express it in words to just be able to play this game for a little longer. And anytime you get the opportunity to do what you love,
Custom Blue Jays Jersey you’ve got to be excited about that.

With a lot of time between the draft and minicamp, what’s been going through your mind? It’s just been to get here. You get drafted, you’re ready to go. You end up having to wait two weeks before you can strap back up and get out on the field. So it’s been nice getting settled, getting used to the area. There are great people here. I’ve loved the last couple weeks in this area, so I’m ready to go now.


From when you were drafted to now, what’s been fueling you to get ready? Just getting better. It doesn’t take too much to fuel me. I
Custom Rangers Jersey love football and I love the game, so that’s
Men’s Authentic Customized Toronto Blue Jays Home White Stitched MLB Jersey pretty easy to get hyped up for what you love.

Having visited with the Rams in the pre-draft process, what did it mean for this team to draft you? Oh man. From my visit — after my visit, I was hoping the Rams would take me. So coach ‘Yarbs’ [WRs coach Eric Yarber] is a great guy. I like the energy he brings and all that. So it’s going to be fun in the meting rooms.


How exciting is it for you to be here as a Ram? It’s sort of really starting to sink in. Yes they did call my name, but just being here now, I feel like I’m ready to go. It feels good to be out here and out the house in Portland — it’s Cali, man. You can’t go wrong with that.
Men’s Texas Rangers Majestic Alternate Royal Blue Flex Base Authentic Baseball Custom Jersey.

How do you feel about Wade Phillips being your defensive coordinator? I mean, that’s an OG, man. I’m kind of intimidated by him a little bit. But I’m excited about it. He knows exactly what he’s talking about. Whatever he says, I’m going to soak it in and do exactly what he needs me to do, because that’s what it takes to win. You’ve got to be able to trust your coach, and the coach has to be able to trust the athlete. So that’s what I’m trying to do.


What’s this experience like for you, arriving for minicamp? Oh, it’s a blessing. I’m just excited. They picked me to come to work, and that’s all I’m about is work. And I’m just excited man, I can’t explain.

What was it like to get to know DL coach Bill Johnson in the pre-draft process? It’s real good. I love him. He’s an excellent coach. And I’m a big D-line guy, so all the D-line coaches and all the past players
Personalized Texas Rangers Jersey I’ve talked to, they really love him. They’ve said I’m going to be excited.


What was it like to put your helmet on for the first time? It’s a dream come true. Like I said, it’s a blessing to be here. And I’m just honored to be part of this organization and I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow. So I’ll be really excited.

How tough was it to wait to get started after being drafted? Yeah, it is tough. In the plane ride over here, just antsy to get things going.
MLB And then the drive over here, you hit the whole L.A. traffic — got a taste of that. But it was good, I can’t wait to get going.
Women’s Authentic Customized Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day White and Red Jersey.


Inside the Draft Room: Customized Seattle Mariners Jersey Completing the Class on Day 3

The Rams started Day 3 with another draft day trade, taking on a crucial extra selection in the process. Team insider Myles Simmons tells the story.

Being on the West Coast might make things easier for the draft’s
Customized Seattle Mariners Jersey start time on Thursday and Friday. But the noon EDT Saturday start means it’s just after 9 a.m. PDT when the Packers get on the clock for the first selection of the fourth round — No. 108 overall.

It’s just about 12 hours after general manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay concluded their Day 2 press conference discussing the selections of tight end Gerald Everett, wide receiver Cooper Kupp, and safety John Johnson. The Rams draft room feels a bit more casual on this day — Snead’s wearing jeans and a light zip-up hoodie as opposed to last night’s suit — but everyone seems Men’s Authentic Custom Seattle Mariners Alternate Road Black MLB Jersey refreshed and ready to go.

After a few minutes, offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur enters the room and begins talking with McVay, kneeling by the head coach’s seat. At the same time, Snead is on the phone, telling whoever is on the other line, “So we’ve got a pick here…”

He means at No. 112, which is just a few away. It’s clear the general manager is trying to deal for an extra pick, much like Los Angeles did to begin Day 2.

[MORE: Inside the Draft Room on Day 2 as Rams select Everett, Kupp, and Johnson]

But as the Rams arrive on the clock, there’s a possibility they might not trade down at all. They have a player in mind, but as the clock winds down, the decision-makers elect to roll the dice and execute
Website the deal: Chicago receives No. 112 in exchange for No. 117 and No. 197 — a sixth-round pick that will shortly become critical.
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There might be a few hold-your-breath moments, but the Rams wind up with they player they wanted all along five selections later: Josh Reynolds, wide receiver, Texas A&M.

The draft room is pumped.

“That’s a hell of a value right there,” someone says.

“We talked about taking him way higher after the Senior Bowl,” says another.

“That was a guy that probably should’ve went in the second round. And to get him in the fourth round — that was a great pick for us,”
Custom Mariners Jersey wide receivers coach Eric Yarber says later. “So very, very excited about it. He’s a big-play guy. He can get down the field. For a guy that’s tall and long-cut, he can really snap down and get out of breaks.”

The TV on NFL Network is loud enough to hear when analyst Daniel Jeremiah says, “Does Les Snead get a free Senior Bowl T-Shirt?”
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That makes the room laugh. But Mayock has a point — each of the Rams first four draft picks attended the Senior Bowl in late January. In all, six of the eight picks were in Mobile, Ala.

“It just happened to be a theme, but it’s nothing that we planned. But it is intentional because we do really scrutinize the Senior Bowl, because it means something,” Snead would say later at the day’s press conference. “I think I mentioned it last night, usually when you go to the Senior Bowl and you play well there, you end up playing well in this league.”

A bit after Reynolds’ selection, a scout is scrolling through his Twitter feed and notices the wide receiver called his draft call “R-Rated” during his media session.

“What did he say that was R-Rated?” the scout asks.

“He said he was pissed. That’s what I wanted to hear,” Snead replies.
Women’s Personalized Seattle Mariners Home White Baseball Jersey.“I asked if he wanted to be a Ram, he said, ‘Hell yeah.’”

Los Angeles’ next pick was slated for No. 141 — a compensatory selection at the bottom of the fourth round. But in what was nearly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it move, the club traded up to pick its second player from Eastern Washington: Samson Ebukam.

The phones were still working, but there wasn’t much commotion as the Rams’ brass worked out trading No. 141 and No. 197 — the extra sixth-round acquired from Chicago — to the Jets for No. 125. In fact, it’s not clear the Rams have traded at all until director of player personnel Taylor Morton walks over to tell scouting assistant Michael Pierce — who is on headset with the club’s representatives at the NFL Draft in Philadelphia — that L.A. needs to turn in a card for Ebukam.

With Ebukam on the phone, defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Barry enter the room to speak with him, clearly excited to pick up a player who dominated at the FCS level.

“To me, the thing that’s exciting about that is he played well in the big games. And it doesn’t matter [which one] — every single playoff game they had, he played really well,” Barry says after the call. “So that’s important. And we’re excited to have him because he brings an element of athleticism, of speed.”

Because the club has no fifth-round pick, the next hour is fairly quiet in the draft room. At one point, EVP of football operations Kevin Demoff tells an inquiring team that the Rams will probably “hang tight” with their remaining picks.

Just after the sixth round begins at about 12:50, the defensive staff enters the room — Phillips, Barry, defensive line coach Bill Johnson, cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant, and safeties coach Ejiro Evero. At that point it’s safe to say L.A. will select a defensive player at No. 189, the round’s fifth pick. Eventually, the coaches and personnel staff come to a consensus: Tanzel Smart, defensive lineman, Tulane.

And it just so happens Smart was also in Mobile at the end of January.

“Another Senior Bowl T-shirt,” Snead jokes to the room.

“My first exposure to him was at the Senior Bowl, and I thought he competed real well that week,” Johnson says later. “He’s just a productive player. He’s very quick. He has good movement. He’s not a very tall kid, but he overcomes it.”

The Rams have another selection coming up 17 spots later. But at this point, many of the coaches and area scouts start working the phones to check on players they feel might be available as college free agents following the conclusion of the seventh round. No longer in the draft room, these individuals are on the phone in the hallway, in their offices, in the cafeteria, outside. It’s a bit of organized chaos that will only get more intense once the Broncos select quarterback Chad Kelly as Mr. Irrelevant.

But as the selections approach No. 206, special teams coordinator John Fassel — who has been standing at the rear of the draft room, observing the proceedings — gets involved in the conversation between the decision-makers. At this point, any player taken will have to contribute on special teams to make the club.

It’s pick No. 204 when Morton tells Pierce the name Los Angeles wants at No. 206: Sam Rogers, fullback, Virginia Tech. Everything goes according to plan at both 204 and 205, and Rogers becomes a L.A. Ram.

Fullbacks aren’t necessarily the most in-demand position in 2017, but McVay sounded like he plans to use it in his offense.

“[I]f you have a guy that you feel like can fulfill that role, you can do some different things that might regulate a defense based on who you’re going against,” he’d say during the press conference Saturday evening.

After the selection, more phone calls to possible undrafted players go in. Folks are in and out of the draft room, having short meetings,
Personalized Seattle Mariners Jersey making more notes. Soon, it’s pick No. 234 and the Rams want to select Pitt outside linebacker Ejuan Price.

However, L.A. is having a hard time reaching him. Because there are only 19 selections left, there are plenty of teams trying to get in touch with Price to express their interest if he’s left undrafted.

There’s a bit of joking going on that Price could find out he’s coming to L.A. from television, since the card’s already been turned in. But then Morton is able to reach a member of Price’s camp. Morton introduces himself, there’s a pause, and then he says, “Tell him we’re trying to draft him.”

Price eventually comes to the phone, Snead and McVay welcome him to the team, and the Rams have completed their 2017 draft class.

“I think the biggest take away from this weekend was, when you acquire the eight players that we did, we were able to stay in alignment with the board we had set up,” McVay says at the press conference about an hour later. “We feel like we were able to address a lot of those needs, but we also didn’t overreach for a need. It seemed like a lot of the guys we had valued we were able to get at the spot that we wanted and that was kind of the goal for the
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Inside the Draft Room: Personalized St Louis Cardinals Jersey Trading Back and Getting their Targets

The Rams started out Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft by trading back for an extra third-round pick, and still got their targeted tight end. Team insider Myles Simmons tells the story.

After functioning largely as spectators on the first night of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Rams figured to be a heavy player on the second — particularly because of the club’s early second-round pick.

General manager Les Snead would tell the media at the end of the
Personalized St Louis Cardinals Jersey night he anticipated teams trying to move up given his previous experience. And with the Rams carrying the fifth pick of the night — No. 37 overall — there were Men’s Authentic Custom Stitched St. Louis Cardinals Alternate Cream Jersey surely clubs that had identified a target for the late 30s.

And so about 10 minutes before the second round is set to begin, Snead, EVP of football operations Kevin Demoff, and senior assistant Tony Pastoors are engaged in a discussion about potential trades. After a few minutes, Snead returns to his seat next to head coach Sean McVay, filling him in. A smile comes across McVay’s face. At some point soon, he’ll make his first phone call welcoming a drafted player to Los Angeles.

It’s 4:04 pacific when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell comes on the TV screen and asks the Philadelphia crowd for a moment before they continue booing, eliciting some laughter from the Rams’ draft room. That cuts through some of the nervous energy between the four walls. The selections haven’t started, but it’s certainly more tense than it was on Thursday night.

Once the Packers are on the clock at No. 33, the phones begin to ring — just as Snead expected. Many of the calls go to Demoff or Pastoors, which means Snead and McVay are probably wearing out the patch of carpet between the tables as they go to hear details.

Seattle’s pick comes in at No. 35, and two minutes later, scouting
Custom Cardinals Jersey assistant Michael Pierce — on headset with the Rams’ representatives at the draft in Philadelphia — tells the room Arizona has traded with Chicago to move up to No. 36. Snead and McVay both get out of their seats, eager to hear details.

Pierce announces the pick — Washington safety Budda Baker — and the Rams are on the clock. Will they make a pick?

Clearly, the answer is no. Snead gets on the phone — with the Bills, as we’ll all soon find out — and says, “OK, let’s do it.” From there, Pastoors calls the league to make the deal official. At that point, McVay comes over to Pierce, confirming that there will be a trade. Pierce tells those in Philadelphia there’s no need to turn in a card.

“I think they’re going to pick Zay,” McVay says. And he’s right — Buffalo selects East Carolina wide receiver Zay Jones.

And now the waiting game begins. L.A. gained an extra third round
Men’s Authentic Customized St. Louis Cardinals Home White Baseball Jersey Cheap pick by trading No. 37 and No. 149 for No. 44 and No. 91, but there are seven more picks before the club can select its first player of this draft.

In that time, there are plenty of conversations — both in the room and on the phone. Snead is fielding calls and messages, but also asks Jake Temme of the Rams data and analytics department — better known as the “Nerd’s Nest” — to come over for discussion.

The phones in the room continue to ring, particularly as the picks reach No. 43. “What’s Philly waiting for?” jokes an eager McVay. It seems like there are options on the table once the Rams come on the
Custom Rays Jersey clock. But then the decision is made: The Rams aren’t trading the pick.

At that point, Rams director of Player Personnel Taylor Morton comes over to Pierce and gives him the name: Gerald Everett, tight end, South Alabama.

Pierce relays the information over to Philadelphia, where the
Personalized Tampa Bay Rays Jersey representatives get the card ready. At the same time, Snead dials Everett’s number form the draft room’s land line. Everett answers, Snead lets him know who’s calling, and Morton motions it’s time to turn the card in.

The Rams have a new tight end.

“I think he’s going to be a great compliment to a room that’s already full with some great young players,” tight ends coach Shane Waldron says just after the phone call. “I think he’s got wiggle and that natural ability at the top of the route to separate. And then with the ball in his hands, he can make people miss and he can break tackles and create yards on his own — which is an important part.”

There are handshakes, back slaps, and bro hugs abound. McVay comes to the back of the room, congratulating one of the club’s area scouts. Everyone seems pleased to have their desired target plus
Men’s Authentic Custom Tampa Bay Rays Alternate Navy Blue Baseball Jersey another third rounder after the trade back.

The draft room slows down for a bit from there, with the Rams next pick not coming until the top of the following round. At about 6:30, when it begins, the phone rings. Demoff answers, telling whoever is on the other end, “We can try” — presumably to make a trade. But nothing comes of it.

At this point, Snead is spending plenty of time with director of college scouting, Brad Holmes. Holmes’ seat is just behind Snead’s and next to Morton’s in the draft room, so there’s a lot of moving back and forth between the two rows.

When the Rams are on the clock, there’s still discussion going on between the decision-makers in the front row, perhaps about a potential trade. But with 1:40 left for the club to make its selection, Morton tells Pierce to have the representatives in Philadelphia turn in the card: Cooper Kupp, wide receiver, Eastern Washington.

On the phone, Snead asks Kupp, “You want to be a Los Angeles Ram?”

“Man, nothing would make me happier,” Kupp replies.

About a half hour later, with Los Angeles’ extra third-round pick from Buffalo about 10 selections away, most of the team’s defensive staff enters the draft room — coordinator Wade Phillips, assistant head coach/linebackers coach Joe Barry, cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant, and safeties coach Ejiro Evero. It’s a pretty clear indication the Rams are planning to go defense with their third pick of the night.

The discussion between the coaches and those in personnel goes on
MLB for a half-hour, with everyone paying close attention to who comes off the board. But the Rams nevertheless get their target, John Johnson, a safety from Boston College.

Phillips gets on Johnson’s draft call after McVay and tells him, “We really love the way you play.”

“Talk about a player that is very tough — very physical for a converted corner. Has very good coverage skills because he’s a converted safety. And a great above-the-neck player,” Evero says after speaking to Johnson himself. “We’re really excited to get him here and get him competing with us.”

Speaking to the media after the conclusion of the third round, McVay said the Rams “know we got better with three spots.”

But there would be plenty more work to do the next day. And with quick turnaround, too. Snead and McVay’s press conference ended just after 9 p.m. Day 3’s events were set to begin 12 hours later.Men’s Authentic Personalized Tampa Bay Rays Alternate Royal Blue Baseball Jersey.


Customized Rams Draft 5 Players on Day 3, Finish With 8 Picks Saints jersey

L.A. added Josh Reynolds, Samson Ebukam, Tanzel Smart, Sam Rogers, and Ejuan Price to finish GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay’s first draft together.

After three days — two of Rams picks — the NFL Draft has come to a close, with Los Angeles selecting five players on custom Saints jersey Day 3.

In the fourth round, the Rams chose wide receiver Josh Reynolds and outside linebacker Samson Ebukam. Defensive tackle Tanzel Smart and fullback Sam Rogers came in the sixth, and outside linebacker Ejuan Price in the seventh. Those five along with tight end Gerald Everett, wide receiver Cooper Kupp, and safety John Johnson are Los Angeles’ 2017 Draft class.

“When you acquire the eight players that we did, you were able to kind of stay in alignment with the board we had set up,” head coach Sean McVay said. “And we feel like we were able to address a lot of those needs, but we also didn’t overreach for a need. It seems like a lot of the guys we had valued, we were able to get at the spot that we wanted. And that was kind of the goal for the weekend. And we felt like we accomplished that.”

Overall, both McVay and general manager Les Snead said their first draft together went smoothly — though McVay did joke, “What if he said, ‘No’?”

“The customized New Orleans Saints jersey main work is done in the preparation,” Snead said. “And there’s going to be curve balls, and you’ve got to be able to adjust and handle it. But that’s why we have a draft board, and we try to use the board to do that.”

“That’s the biggest thing that stood out to me — the contingency plans were in place. We had a plan going into it and for the most part we were able to stick to that plan,” McVay said. “And maybe when a team made a decision that we didn’t anticipate, there were decisions or scenarios that were already in place, so you weren’t really caught off guard. And I think that’s a credit to Les and his staff.”

The Rams began Day 3 the same way as Day 2 — by moving back to gain an extra pick. Los Angeles traded No. 112 overall for two Chicago selections — No. 117 in the Round 4 and No. 197 in Round 6. They used No. 117 to select Reynolds, a 6-foot-3 wide receiver out of Texas A&M.

“When you look at Josh, he’s a little bit of a longer guy. Great ball skills, big catch radius,” McVay said. “I thought he did a nice job in the Senior Bowl when you look at some of the personalized Saints jersey things he was able to do — especially in the one-on-ones.”

“I’m a playmaker and can play pretty much anywhere they need,” Reynolds said on his conference call. “I’m a winner and I’d love to help this team win.”

Reynolds caught 61 passes for 1,039 yards with 12 touchdowns in 2016. He caught at least one touchdown pass in each of his last eight games his senior year for the Aggies.

“He’s a guy that’s averaged right around 17 yards per catch in his career, so he’s had big production in the SEC,” McVay said.

While it looked like the Rams would have a while before their next selection late in the fourth round, they ended up using their extra sixth rounder from Chicago to trade up to No. 125. There, L.A. chose Ekubam — the club’s second draft pick out of Eastern Washington following Kupp’s selection on Friday. In his senior season, Ebukam recorded 15 tackles for loss and a team-high 9.5 sacks.

“He’s athletic. He can run — I think at his Pro Day he ran a 4.4 [40-yard dash],” linebackers coach Joe Barry told “A kid that comes from personalized New Orleans Saints jersey a really good program — they’ve done great things up at Eastern Washington. So we’re really excited about him.”

Having traded their original fifth-round pick, the Rams waited a bit until their first sixth rounder, which they used on Smart — a defensive tackle out of Tulane.

Listed at 6-foot-1 and 296 pounds, Smart led Tulane with 18.5 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks in his senior year. Given his size, he could be a factor in the defensive line rotation, helping to spell Aaron Donald at three-technique.

“I really want to learn a lot from Aaron Donald,” Smart said on his conference call. “I’m going to play my role and anywhere that coach wants me to play, I’ll do it.”

Los Angeles got a versatile player with its second sixth-round pick in Rogers, a fullback out of Virginia Tech. Rogers recorded 284 yards on 67 carries with two touchdowns rushing, and 301 yards on 24 receptions with four touchdowns receiving in 2016. McVay said Rogers will have a chance to compete with Zach Laskey for a role on the unit.

“I thought you saw Sam do a nice job in the run and the pass game,” McVay said. “I think he’s a guy that when you get him out in space, he can fit people up and press them on angles. And those are some of the little nuances that we’ll look from from that fullback spot. And I think some of the website teams, you might not use it as often. But if you have a guy that you feel like can fulfill that role, you can do some different things that might regulate a defense based on who you’re going against.”

Rogers also projects as a significant special teams contributor.

“Playing at Virginia Tech, special teams is a huge emphasis — I can’t wait to bring that mentality to the Rams and get on the field any way I can,” Rogers said.

L.A. chose Price — an outside linebacker out of Pitt — with its final pick in the seventh round. He was a first-ream All-ACC honoree after ranking second in FBS with 23 tackles for loss and recording 13 sacks.

“I think naturally I’m a 3-4 outside linebacker, so I couldn’t have asked for a better fit,” Price said on his conference call. “I’m just blessed to have this opportunity. I’m just grateful that it finally came around after three long days. I think I’ll fit right in with what I do. My specialty is penetration and pass rush so I think I can definitely be useful.”

Listed at 5-foot-11 and 241 pounds, Price is just old enough to have played with Donald at Pitt, and said on his conference call that the two attended rival high schools.

“I’ll probably talk to him in a little bit, but I haven’t talked to him today,” Price said. “I’m sure we’ll link up and speak on it at one point.”

While those are the players the Rams selected, Snead did acknowledge a spot the club did not address. While offensive line may have been thought of as a Men’s Washington Redskins Nike 95 Jonathan Allen Team Color Red Elite Jersey position of need, Snead said part of the reason L.A. did not choose a player there is the individuals already on the roster.

“When Sean, his staff, [offensive line coach Aaron] Kromer comes in — because we had a relatively young offensive line, they were fresh in coach Kromer’s mind. And there were a lot of guys in our group that he wanted to work with, and felt like they may be better than some of the rookies in this draft class,” Snead said, adding they also signed Pro Bowl left tackle Andrew Whitworth to improve the unit.

“I think coming out of that minicamp really enabled us to have a better feel for that depth up front, and continuing to give guys a chance to grow and develop at those inside spots, and then also look for those guys who can backup on the edges,” McVay said.

Now the works begins, with rookie minicamp slated for the weekend of May 12. Until then, L.A. will be hard at work signing college free agents to fill out its roster.


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