Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey Rams Sign All 11 2018 Draft Picks

The Rams took care of some offseason business, signing all 11 players from their draft class.

The Rams took care of some offseason business on Friday afternoon, signing all 11 players from their 2018 draft class.

The group includes offensive tackle Joseph Noteboom, center Brian Allen, and defensive end John Franklin-Myers, who were selected in the third and fourth rounds. It also features fifth-round picks linebacker Micah Kiser, outside linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo and sixth-selections like running back John Kelly, offensive tackle Jamil Demby, defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph-Day, and defensive end Trevon Young.

Rounding out the rookie class who signed their official contracts on Friday afternoon were linebacker Travin Howard and defensive end Justin Lawler, both taken in the seventh round of the draft.

Here’s what a few members of the 11-player draft class had to say upon putting pen to paper.


What have the past few weeks been like leading up to this moment? “Since I got here it’s been mostly kinda exciting. It still hasn’t really set in yet. I don’t know why, maybe after signing this it will. But it’s just still football, just having fun still. It’s a great opportunity to be out here and I’m really thankful that they wanted me in the third round, so just trying to give my best effort and make it worth it.”

BRIAN Jaire Alexander Jersey  ALLEN

What are you looking forward to the most now that the contract is done? “To be honest, I wasn’t really worried about this or had any lingering thoughts about this in the back of my mind. I’ve just been excited since I got here to keep playing football and get better at that. To be honest this is awesome to sign and get it out of the way, but that doesn’t really change much. Still here, excited to come to work everyday, work hard and get better.”


What have you learned in the time leading up to this? “Just about my technique and how to improve my technique. Most of it was my stance — you know in college I was a stand up D-end, moved to a hand-to-the-ground guy, didn’t have a good stance and I changed that. Just by that, these last three weeks, I’ve noticed night and day improvement in my  Men’s Nike Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Elite Team Color Football Jersey Sale game and my pass rush ability.”


Who comes to mind as you sign your contract? “Just my parents and my family. I’ve been playing ball for a long time and it’s all credit to them. My little brother looks up to me, so a long time coming and a great dream. This is just the beginning, more work to do.” 


What is going through your mind as you sign your first contract? “This is crazy, this day is finally here. See I originally thought we were gonna sign the day we got here, so I’ve  just been super anxious waiting. It just feels great to finally be able to get it done.”


Who is coming to my mind as you sign your first NFL c Jaire Alexander Jersey Sale ontract? “My family [comes to mind]. It’s been a long road, so this is just a huge achievement for me and my family. That’s just everybody who I’m thinking about right now — my niece and my nephew. I know they’re going to be happy when I send them a picture.” 


What is going through your mind in this moment? “Everything happened so fast. It’s so hard to take it all in, but I’m just more excited, happy. I just talked to my parents today and they’re just so proud of me, all I can do is smile. As you know, this is when it kind of hits you, when you sign on the line. So, just a lot of excitement, joy, smiles, and motivation going forward.” 


You’re the best dressed person here today, why was it important for you to wear a suit? “I just feel like it’s a busin Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Jersey ess setting or a business thing, so I thought you should probably wear a suit since this is a big honor. It’s a big opportunity so I gotta come dressed. You gotta dress like money to make some money right?”

Q and A With Rams Head Coach Sean Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey McVay

Rams HC Sean McVay talks Los Angeles’ offseason program so far, what’s changed for him since last year, and the expectations that come with the moves L.A. has made this year.

After three weeks of 10 OTA practices, the Rams will hold their mandatory minicamp from next Tuesday through Thursday to finish the 2018 offseason program. With that in mind, TheRams.com recently sat down with head coach Sean McVay to talk about the offseason program so far, what’s changed for McVay since last year, and the expectations of the upcoming year.

Portions of this interview may be seen in Episode 7 of Behind the Grind on Facebook Watch. The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Myles Simmons: How have OTAs gone so far?

Sean McVay: I think it’s been really good. There’s been a lot of good competition, guys getting familiar with our systems, continuing to learn each other — how to compete but be smart doing it. And I think we’re just starting to see guys just continue to make improvements one day at a time. Our coaches are doing a great job. So want to wrap up OTAs the right way next week.

MS: Do things start to feel more real in this part of the offseason program since you’re allowed to practice 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills?

SM: It does. And really, that’s what it’s about — getting out here, getting on the grass and getting the chance to compete. Love doing the meetings, love being able to have these guys work with Ted and with Reggie and his staff, and just getting themselves as healthy as possible and as strong as possible. But it’s about playing football. It’s about getting out here on the grass with these guys and enjoying that, and us all collectively getting better together.

MS: What do you typically try to accomplish in Phase III of the offseason program?

SM: I think it’s just that — getting an ownership on our systems, coming together as a team and trying to continue to formulate that identity with what the 2018 Rams are going to be. And that’s predicated on our players. We feel really good about the personnel that we have, and we’ve got to do a good job as coaches putting them in positions to have success, really, in all three phases.

MS: We often see you running around on the field with the players. Does being on the grass at practice energize you?

SM: Yeah, being able to get out here and work with the players is what you love so much about coaching. And I feel so fortunate to be able to do this and be able to work with people that you thoroughly enjoy and help them. And if you can kind of steal a couple runs and a little bit of exercise, that’s always fun as well. But this is what coaching’s about. This is what you enjoy the most, and love being able to get out here with our players.

MS: Let’s take you back to last year at this time. What was that like?

SM: We were continuing to get to know our players, figure out what we were going to be on offense and defense. And I think that’s what you feel so good about, is as the season evolved, it’s about adjusting to our players. I think we have a better idea of what we can do to kind of maximize their skill sets. But it’s about building and developing those relationships. And the more time you spend with people, the better feel you get for them. And we’re a year into that process. We’ve got some great new pieces that we’ve added and that Les and his staff and Tony have done a great job of kind of incorporating. And I think those guys are fitting in nicely. And looking forward to seeing as we progress one day at a time.

MS: Where do you feel like you are as a head coach now in comparison to last year?

SM: I think there’s still so much to learn. And I think you feel so fortunate that you’ve got good people around you that you can really lean on for their advice, their perspective. But I think you’re just a year into it — having learned from a lot of the mistakes you’ve made. And, hopefully, continue to do some things the right way with what we were able3 to have a little bit of success with last year. But every year is a new challenge. And I think it’s just about taking it one day at a time, not getting too far ahead of yourself. And at the end of the day, it’s all about these players. And we’re trying to do a good job of putting them in positions to succeed and reach their highest potential.

MS: What’s one thing you learned in 2017 that you’ve really tried to implement in 2018?

SM: Yeah, I think it’s just about planning. I think it’s just in terms of, you think you’re organized, but down to the minute — making sure every minute is maximized. You’ve got your meetings, you’ve got your schedule set in a manner that’s conducive to maximizing every single moment. And what you’re also reiterated with is how fortunate you feel to have great people around you. To be able to work with our players, with our coaching staff, it reminds you that any organization is about its people. And we’ve got great people that we’re working with here, and I feel fortunate to be a part of that.

MS: Do you ever still find yourself having to think about being the head coach of the whole team rather than just focusing on the offense?

SM: You know, I think one of the things that you feel fortunate about is I want to learn as much as I can about football. And being able to spend time with the defense that maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise when you’re a coordinator is a luxury that this job offers. So I’m always trying to learn, spend time with defense and offense, spend time with Bones. But I think it’s great to be able to have such a unique opportunity to be in this role, but continue to lean on those people to try to get better and be able to put yourself in a position to lead the right way.

MS: Watching practice, it’s easy to notice how you emphasize tempo for the offense. Why is that so important to the scheme?

SM: I think there’s different phases of our offense that we try to utilize. And, again, it’s back to the players. Their ability to be able to operate at the line, operate in-and-out of the huddle, using the huddles and breaking in a timely manner — so we’ll mix up the tempos, but it’s all based on our players’ ability to do that. And when you’ve got smart, conscientious players, you can kind of change up the way that you’re coming at people with that tempo throughout the course of the game.

MS: When you were mid’d up during practice, we caught you talking about just how fast Brandin Cooks is after he caught a deep pass from Jared Goff. How does his speed add to his versatility for what he can be in the offense?

SM: Yeah, I think with Brandin, and then being able to play alongside such a great receiving corps that we have in place, he’s been a nice addition. Feel really good watching the way he’s been able to implement himself into our offense by the way he’s learned, how conscientious he is in meetings. And he’s a guy — if you just look at, really, his career — he is a really fast player, but he can do everything. He plays big for a smaller-stature guy. But he’s strong. He can win short, he can win intermediate, he can go down the field. So I think you’re really not limited in any way that you can utilize him. And there’s a reason why he’s had over 1,000 yards and [at least] seven touchdowns each of the last three years. And he’s a special player for sure.

MS: Another topic that’s been brought up a lot this offseason, especially after all the transactions, is how how you’ll deal with the big personalties. So, how do you manage the multiple personalities on this team?

SM: I think [defensive coordinator] Wade [Phillilps] said it best — we don’t manage personalities, we work with players. And it goes back to building and developing those relationships, knowing that a mutual respect exists between our coaching staff and our players. And it’s all about doing the little things the right way. And our players that are here have done those things so far. And we feel really good about the steps we’re taking, knowing that we’ve got a lot of work to do before you get to that first game against the Oakland Raiders. So we’re just focused on taking it one day at a time, and I think our players are doing a great job of being able to personify that day in and day out.

MS: Specifically with Aqib Talib, what kind of leadership qualities have you seen since he’s been here?

SM: Well I think like anybody else, he’s had a lot of success in this league. But I think he leads by being able to connect with the players, and then going out and doing things the right way with the way he practices, the way he is in meetings. I’ve been extremely impressed watching him from afar. I was with him in Tampa his rookie year, and now just getting a chance to reconnect with him — smart player, cerebral. Seen a lot of different things, understands concepts. And then he’s also got the athleticism to match up with it. And he’s very comfortable having played in this system with coach Phillips in Denver. So, it’s been a seamless transition for him so far. And we feel really good about having Aqib with us.

MS: When you’re able to acquire a player like Talib, how much of a bonus is it that he has the strong relationship with Wade Phillips?

SM: Oh, it’s huge. I think that’s one of the things you feel so good about, is that a lot of the players that we’ve acquired from outside the organization have been people that have worked with some members of our coaching staff. And Wade in particular with the knowledge and experience that he has, he’s got a great feel for personnel around this league. And having worked with some great players, you hear guys want to come play for him because of the way he works with those guys, the way he puts them in position to have success. And Aqib is very similar. And, like I said, extremely pleased that we got him and it’s a real credit to Les and his staff for getting that trade done.

MS: You spend a lot of time, I’m sure, thinking about motivating players, trying to coach players up to their highest potential. But what motivates you?

SM: Yeah, I think it’s just that. I think it’s making sure you’re doing everything the right way to help these players and help our coaches — really just kind of be a consistent presence that’s doing your job to the best of your ability. And that’s about listening to people, learning from them, and then putting yourself in a position to lead the right way. But I think what’s so special about our building is, it’s a collaborative effort from everybody — being on the same page, working on the same direction, working through problems, solving them together. And we always talk about that communication, and we feel like the communication in our building leads to that great collaboration. And it’s about everybody doing their job to the best of their ability. And with the people we have in place, we’re confident that good things will happen if we do that.

MS: Cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant brings a lot of energy, which we see on a day-to-day basis at practice. What are some of the things he brings to the table that we don’t see because they’re going on in the building?

SM: I think when you get around a coach like Aubrey, you certainly feel his presence. Dynamic personality, got great, authentic energy. I was really fortunate to work with him in Washington, and there’s certain people that you’re around where they kind of have that ‘it’ factors, and he’s certainly one of those guys. He’s worked under some great coaches. Extremely conscientious, smart, detailed, listening to him coach guys up on the fundamentals, the techniques. But I think the enthusiasm and the passion he brings every single day — it can’t help but rub off on guys. And he’s one of those people that you can’t help being excited around hi Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Jersey m. And I feel fortunate to have him on our staff. And he’s also a close friend — being able to spend some time together outside of the facilities. And he’s a great coach and he’s been a great influence on our DBs and, really, our team.

MS: What have you seen so far from Zac Ta Jaire Alexander Jersey Sale ylor as QBs coach?

SM: Yeah I think when you look at Zac, great college quarterback, had some success playing professionally, Big 12 Player of the Year. He’s got a great even-keel demeanor and disposition. He’s been a coordinator, when he called plays for the Dolphins. He was at the University of Cincinnati. But I think he’s just got such a great perspective and a really good way about relating to the players, communicating in a clear, open, and honest fashion. And that demeanor, that disposition — especially dealing with the quarterback position — I think is perfect. Extremely detail-oriented. Been really pleased with what he’s done. And he’s another guy, having had him in place, getting to work with our receivers last year, and now watching the way he’s interacting with Jared, with Sean, and with Brandon — it’s been a really seamless transition. And he’s done a really good job so far.

MS: What have you seen from Jared Goff throughout this offseason program? Where do you want him to be going into the season?

SM: I think he’s made a lot of improvements. But I think just like anything else — the quarterback position is as tough a position as there is in sports — it’s all about consistency. Making good decisions, playing within the timing and rhythm of the offense, throwing the ball accurately, having a command on the run game, being able to change up your cadence — in all those things, I think he’s continuing to take ownership on this offense. I think what you want to try to avoid, but inevitably it’s going to occur, is when mistakes happen, how do we respond from that. And, really, since we got here with him as a coaching staff, he’s demonstrated that resilient mentality where he bounces back quickly. He doesn’t let previous plays affect him as he moves forward. And he’s done that. And he’s just so refreshingly comfortable in his own skin, and I think that resonates with the players. He’s truly taking command and he’s really a true leader on this team just by being himself. And that’s what you feel good about. And we’re in good hands with him leading the way, but he’ll be the first to tell you — as will I — that we’ve got a lot of work to do and we’ve got to get better every day.

MS: With the way things turned out in this offseason, how do you avoid going into this year with a, “This is a boom-or-bust season” mentality?

SM: I think the NFL is so competitive — don’t really look at it like that. Look at it as, we feel confident with the players that we have, with our coaches. And we’re focused on getting better every single day. And I think in the short amount of time that I’ve been fortunate to work in this league, you realize how competitive all 32 teams are — the other 31 teams other than us. And [they’ve got] great coaches, great players. And you can’t afford to kind of get complacent. You’ve got to always focus on getting better one day at a time, establishing a standard of performance and how our process guides our everyday approach — and that’s the one day at a time. And you can’t really get caught up in things that we can’t control. We kind of just want to be just want to be where our feet our planted, and that’s being present in the day and controlling what we can control.

Watch Episode 7 of Rams Original Series “Behind Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey the Grind”

Episode 7 of Rams o Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Jersey riginal series “Behind the Grind” is available now on Facebook Watch. In the latest episode we get to know more about new CB Aqib Talib and take an inside look at Sean McVay’s second OTA’s as head coach of the Rams.

Episode 7 of Rams original series “Behind the Grind” is available now on Facebook Watch. In “Chasing Chips” we get to know more about new CB Aqib Talib and take an inside look at Sean McVay’s second OTA’s as head coach of the Rams.

“Behind the Grind” airs exclusively on Facebook Watch biweekly on Thursdays. Each episode of “Behind the Grind” showcases various elements of the team’s preparation during the offseason as they look to defend their NFC West title and build on their success heading into 2018. The Rams’ Emmy Award-winning media group developed this original series as a way to give fans a unique look into the team on and off the field.

Fans can foll Jaire Alexander Jersey Sale ow the show and watch full episodes at Facebook.com/RamsBehindTheGrind.

Facebook Watch was introduced by Facebook last year Men’s Nike Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Elite Team Color Football Jersey Sale  as a platform for episodic shows. It is accessible for U.S. users on mobile, on desktop/laptop, and in Facebook’s TV apps.

With First OTAs Complete Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey , Noteboom Feels Good About Progress

Third-round pick Joseph Noteboom reflects on his first set of OTAs and how far he has come in a Jaire Alexander Jersey Sale  short amount of time.

In April, left tackle Joseph Noteboom was one of over 400 college prospects eager to make his dreams a reality by becoming a professional athlete. Now eight weeks later, a lot has changed for the TCU product.

Not only was he selected by the Rams in the third-round of this year’s draft, but he has also completed his first set of OTAs in the NFL — marking a significant transition for the 22-year old.

“[It was] pretty awesome,” Noteboom said. “The main difference has been being on your own. You’re not babied as much, so you have to be more accountable and responsible. But you learn quick. It’s the NFL — you do everything you can to stay here.”

The three-week session was the left tackle’s first taste of playing in the league, something he says has been “pretty on par from what I thought” heading into it. And although the Rams’ high-speed offense is admittedly more detailed than his college scheme, Noteboom has been fortunate to learn from a talented group of linemen.

Last season, the club’s offensive line was ranked among the best in the league and features one of the top tackles in the game Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey  in Andrew Whitworth. As he did in 2017, the 13-year veteran has made a point to take the younger players under his wing.

“He’s really a laid-back guy, but really experienced,” Noteboom said. “He has these little details he can tell you about that no  Jaire Alexander Jersey one really knows [and] he’s so willing to help us. It’s not like a waste of his time, he’s glad to help. Usually he comes up to us and tells us stuff.”

But it’s not just the mentorship from the older vets that has surprised the rookie tackle. For Noteboom, one of the most exciting aspects of OTAs was getting to observe and learn from head coach Sean McVay.

“I knew he was a good coach from what he did last year, but seeing him, he knows every position — their techniques, their footwork, everything like that,” he explained. “Just really impressed with him and seeing in person what a great coach he is.”

And now that Noteboom has a feel for both the coaching staff and roster, he is hopeful that during the rest of the offseason his progress will come more steadily.

“Just knowing the playbook front to back and knowing exactly what to do, so I don’t have to think about it so much,” Noteboom said of his offseason goals. “Just work on my technique from h Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Jersey ere on out.”

Reynolds Out to Prove Blue Jays Anthony Alford Jersey His Versatility Beyond Red Zone

Second-year receiver Josh Reynolds is ready to prove himself as more than just a red zone target in 2018.

At 6-foot-3, Josh Reynolds is the tallest wide receiver on the Rams roster. And with that long, angular fra Danny Barnes Jersey me, it’s easy to see why many have dubbed him as a potential key red-zone target for the upcoming season.

But while the l Anthony Alford Jersey abel is something Reynolds is very familiar with, it’s not all he hopes to be known for.

Throughout OTAs and heading into training camp, the second-year player is out to prove he is much more than just a lengthy goal-line target. 

“Anything in the red zone, that’s always been my specialty, but I’m definitely looking to broaden my horizons [and] broaden my role,” Reynolds said Wednesday. “Yeah, I’m a big target, so red zone comes kinda naturally to me, but everything else is something I have to wo Blue Jays Anthony Alford Jersey rk at.”

Specifically, Reynolds has been working on his speed and ability to run various routes. And because he comes into this year more familiar with the Rams’ scheme and system, he has been able to play more freely — with a focus on improving his overall technique.

“ Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 30 Anthony Alford Toronto Blue Jays Scarlet Canada Day Jersey Red It’s a lot more smooth than last year,” he said. “I just feel confident. [It’s] definitely slowing things down and trusting your training.”

Last season, Reynolds showed flashes of his potential when called upon. He stepped in admirably for wide receiver Robert Woods through two games last season, scoring his first NFL touchdown in one such contest.

But this year, the Texas A&M product said he is hoping to fill in for a different receiver.

“[We’re] missing Sammy Watkins in the picture, where he was a big red-zone target last year, so I’m hoping to be able to fill in with that,” Reynolds said of his ideal role. “I definitely can bring more to the table.”

And although the club did bring in another wideout, Brandin Cooks, during the offseason, Reynolds is not intimidated by the amount of talent in the receiving room.

Instead, he looks at the group as a unique opportunity for development.

“Competing with a whole bunch of guys that are great dudes, great players, it just makes everybody better,” Reynolds said. “Being able to take different techniques from each other and just being able to learn from the different experiences they’ve been through throughout their years and the stuff they’ve seen. To have the guys we do in our room, it makes everyone better.”  

Returning from Injury, H Blue Jays Anthony Alford Jersey emingway Looking to Make Impact

TE Temarrick Hemingway suffered a season-ending leg injury during the 2017 preseason. Now, he’s back and ready to contribute in 2018.

He knew it was bad as soon as it happened.

Early in the second quarter of last year’s third preseason contest against the Chargers, Rams tight end Temarrick Hemingway lined up between right tackle Rob Havenstein and tight end Tyler HIgbee for an inside handoff to runn Danny Barnes Jersey Sale ing back Malcolm Brown. Though Brown’s run went nine yards, it also would end up costing Hemingway his season.

With Hemingeway engaged in a block at the line of scrimmage with defensive end Melvin Ingram, defensive tackle Damion Square dove right into the back of the Ram’s left leg.

Hemingway said he heard a crack. Then he had one thought.

“I was just hoping it wasn’t a career-ending injury,” Hemingway told therams.com this week.

As we know now, his hope was realized. Hemingway did suffer a broken fibula that prematurely ended his 2017 season. He has, however, been a full participant in Los Angeles OTAs.

“I still have things that I have to work on with the leg, of course. I still feel a couple of things,” he admits.

But going through a serious injury that forced him to sim Danny Barnes Jersey ply watch the Rams’ successful 2017 season unfold gave him a renewed appreciation for the game.

“It’s like — you don’t really think about how important football is to you until you’re taken out of it, unfortunately, like I was,” Hemingway said.

And it wasn’t all negative. Hemingway noted he appreciates the perspective he gained from watching things both from the sideline and on television — even as he wished he could contribute to Los Angeles’ eventual division title.

“I couldn’t be anything but happy for the guys because they put in the work and I was just happy to be a part of it — being there with them, giving them my insight on things I see from the sideline, or on TV,” Hemingway said. “So it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing that I sat out, because I got to see things from a different perspective. So I’m just pretty fortunate that I got that chance to sit back and watch from another perspective.”

Now that he’s back, Hemingway is ready to compete and contribute at tight end for the offense. Head coach Sean McVay started with Hemingway’s size — he’s listed at 6-foot-5 and 251 pounds — as one of the reasons the South Carolina State product may make an impact for L.A. in 2018.

“When you just  Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 30 Anthony Alford Toronto Blue Jays Scarlet Canada Day Jersey Red look at Temarrick, he’s what they’re supposed to look like — great size, great length,” McVay said. “I think he can truly play that wide position, but he’s also athletic enough to be able to move around in kind of that ‘F’ role that we identify on our offense.

“But I think he’s able to play in-line, he can reach ‘Sam’ linebackers, he can protect in some of the play actions and different things, but then he’s also a viable receiving option,” McVay continued. “So I think in an ideal world he is your wide tight end, but that’s not exclusive to him being able to move around just based on the athleticism. And so far he’s demonstrated that.”

For his part, Hemingway said he feels he fits in well with the position group and the offense. And he’d like to help take the Rams’ TEs to the next level in the upcoming season.

“I would take that as another opportunity to do that, because I bring both aspects to the game,” Hemingway said. “I’m a blocking tight end, and I can receive as well. So just bringing that versatility to the game, giving the defense two things to defend.”

And  Blue Jays Anthony Alford Jersey even though they’re all technically going head-to-head for roster spots, Hemingeway said he feels he has a good rapport with the entire tight ends group.

“I love those guys. We’re all competing here, but we’re all helping each other get better as well because we’re all going to contribute. So the better we are as a group, the better we’ll be as an offense.”

While the offseason program has gone well for Hemingway, the tight end said there’s still plenty of progress to be made before the team disperses until training camp begins in late July.

“Mentally, I want to be 100 percent correct on everything. I don’t want any mental mistakes,” Hemingway said. “And I want to get my job done efficiently.”

Johnson Wants to Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey Become Defensive Leader in 2018

It may only be  Marcus Stroman Jersey his second year in the NFL, but safety John Johnson is already eager to take on a leadership role in the Rams defense.

Free safety John Johnson III is undoubtedly one of the loudest players off the field and in the Rams locker room. But this season, the Boston College product is being asked to take on a more vocal role on the field — as one of the few defensive starters returning from last year.

In 2017, Johnson quickly established himself as one of the brightest young safeties in the league, earning the starting position by Week 5. From that point forward, he and safety Lamarcus Joyner have worked in tandem, patrolling the defensive backfield.

While both will be returning in 2018, Joyner is quieter by nature than the outspoken Johnson. For that reason, it’s the second-year safety who will be tasked with more of the verbal communication.

“The safeties, we gotta talk. Me and LJ, we’re on the same page,” Johnson said. “He talks to me and I talk to everybody else. So, I think it comes from the safety position, you have to be out there, be vocal, and be a leader.” 

Throughout Los Angeles’ OTAs, Johnson has made an effort to do just that — especially when it comes to communicating with new cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters.

The safety said all four starters in the secondary have focused in on these sessions as a method of building chemistry before the summer break.

“They’re huge. We don’t have pads on so we don’t have to worry about the physical part of it — it’s a lot mental,” Johnson said. “We’re in a great spot. We’re going to take advantage of them, head into vet minicamp ready to go [and] play a lot Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey  faster than we are now.”

It’s those mental reps that have also allowed the unit to show continuous improvement in every session. As the three-week period comes to a close, Johnson feels the secondary has taken a significant step forward in a short amount of time.

“We’re growing,” Johnson said. “Early on we were kind of just trying to get the scheme right and stuff, but now we’re actually making plays on the ball — interceptions, tipped balls everywhere. So, I think we’re getting comfortable with each other and with the scheme. It’s looking good.”

And as for his personal development? Johnson said coming in with a year of experience under his belt has been a huge confidence booster, allowing him to take on new roles within the same defense.

“They’re using me in different ways now, so, I’m taking it all in and just trying to get better every day,” he said.

10 Observations fro Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey m OTA No. 8

Legendary WR Torry Holt was back for his second day at OTAs, and QB Jared Goff connected on a few deep throws during Tuesday’s session.

Team insider Myles Simmons shares his top 10 observations from Los Angeles’ eighth OTA session of the spring.

1) Tuesday’s session began with a catch-in-traffic drill. Wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs each caught passes from quarterback Marco Estrada Jersey s before running between a pair of coaches using blocking bags to try to jar the ball loose. Essentially, the receivers had to catch the ball then turn and cover it up running down the field.

2) Rams legendary wideout Torry Holt — in town and at practice as a coaching intern — actually participated in the catch-in-traffic drill. He caught a few passes from quarterback Jared Goff at the end of the line of wide receivers. He then stayed with the WRs during individual drills, giving tips to the current players as they went through a footwork drill.

3) Quarterbacks and running backs worked on screen plays during an individual period. Centers were also with them, having to run out in front of the running back in order to block for him. That’s a test of athleticism for Marcus Stroman Blue Jays Jersey  centers in many ways, as it’s not really the easiest thing to get in front of someone as fast as Todd Gurley.

4) Goff continued to display his solid chemistry with his receivers on Tuesday. Early in the first 11-on-11 period, the quarterback faked a handoff to his right, rolled to his left, then flipped his hips, set his feet, and launched a deep ball down the left side of the field to wide receiver Cooper Kupp. The Eastern Washington product got under the pass — which was perfectly thrown — and sailed into the end zone for what would have been a touchdown. It was a high degree-of-difficulty throw from Goff and he executed it well.

5) The signal-caller also connected on a long pass to wide receiver Brandin Cooks during 11-on-11. It was also a throw that came off of play action, but Goff stayed in the pocket for this one. It ended up as about a 60-yard completion for a touchdown.

6) Defensively, cornerback Sam Shields showed that he has a lot of speed in competing with Cooks. Shields nearly caught up with Cooks on the long touchdown, and stayed with him to deflect a shorter pass to the end zone on the left sideline during 7-on-7 a bit later in practice.

7) Wide receiver Josh Reynolds also made a nice catch during 7-on-7 drills, albeit on the scout offense. Reynolds used all of his 6-foot-3 frame to go up and catch a deep ball on the offense’s left from quarterback Brandon Allen. The wide receiver’s size is part of what could potentially make him an asset for Los Angeles in the red zone in 2018.

8) The Rams practiced kick returns with the new rules during their special teams period on Tuesday. With the new rules, only three players may be outside the 15-yard “setup zone,” which effectively means teams may only have one returner and two blockers for him set up deep. But in Thursday’s practice, L.A. displayed just how creative the club can be in utilizing those three athletes on a kickoff.

9) Running back Malcolm Brown made his mark in the latter stages of practice, making a number of catches in the red zone during 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. One of Brown’s touchdown receptions came on a screen, which goes back to what quarterba Marcus Stroman Jersey cks and running backs were working on at the start of practice.

10) Finally, tight end Gerald Everett made a nice catch on a fade route on the right sideline in the end zone for a touchdown. Everett caught the pass over a defender and held on as he went to the ground. The tight end had a solid day, making a number of receptions.

10 Observations from OTA No. Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey 7

Legendary WR Torry Holt made his coaching debut at Monday’s practice, plus K Greg Zuerlein practiced a few kicks on the side.

Team insider Myles Simmons shares his top 10 observations from Los Angeles’ seventh OTA session of the spring.

1) Legendary Rams wide receiver Torry Holt was on the field with the club as a coach on Monday afternoon. According to head coach Sean McVay, Holt is taking part in the league’s minority coaching internship program. But even though he’s serving as a coach, Holt went through dynamic stretching with the team — getting loose to run around during practice like another Rams coach.

2) Wide receiver Brandin Cooks’ speed comes across even in change-of-direction drills. With the wideouts working on a drill where each had to zig-zag through a few cones before catching a ball, Cooks’ feet appeared to move quicker than the rest of the group — including those of fellow starters Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp. That’s no knock on Woods or Kupp, who have proven themselves to be productive players, especially in McVay’s offense. But it was an example of how special Cooks appears to be.

3) When the wideou Marcus Stroman Blue Jays Jersey ts were working with the quarterbacks on routes against air, Holt sometimes lined up against the receivers and gave them tips as the players were running. One overheard coaching point: “Head and eyes up.”

4) On the defensive field, safeties were working on taking different drops and making interceptions. They started out going deep down the field, having to make an over-the-shoulder pick or leap to catch the ball. Then they came in and worked on intermediate and short drops. As usual, takeaways are a significant focus for L.A.

5) Not that it’s happened often, but whenever a Rams rece Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey iver doesn’t make a catch when going over routes with quarterbacks, the QB will call the player back to get in a good rep after the rest of the line is finished. It’s an example of the little things needing to be right during this time of the year.

6) Wide receiver Robert Woods made a ni Marcus Stroman Jersey ce one-handed catch at the right sideline during group offense. The catch came against air, but still showed nice hand-eye coordination.

7) During one of the periods of 11-on-11, defensive lineman Michel Brockers ripped through the offensive lineman assigned to him and appeared suddenly right in front of Sean Mannion — the scout-team quarterback. Brockers stepped out of the way — obviously, he can’t hit the QB in practice — but it’s easy to imagine that was not the most appealing sight for a quarterback  Marco Estrada Jersey in the pocket.

8) Notably, kicker Greg Zuerlein practiced a few kickoffs and field goals with the entire operation — long snapper Jake McQuaide flinging the ball to punter/holder Johnny Hekker. Zuerlein was performing this without kicking through uprights, but it was still an encouraging sign. McVay said during his press conference that the club will continue to bring Zuerlein along slowly so as to not risk any setback.

9) During another 11-on-11 period, quarterback Jared Goff connected with Kupp on three sharp passes. The offense was moving down the field based on where the plays ended, and Goff hit the second-year wideout with a pair of passes to move the chains before one final completion that ostensibly would have gone for a touchdown.

10) A half-hour after practice ended, Brockers and fellow defensive lineman Omarius Bryant were both working with second-year D-lineman Tanzel Smart. Brockers and Bryant were serving as offensive lineman for Smart, who was presumably working on a couple moves to combat double teams.

Goff Earns First-Career Appearance on NFL’s Top Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey 100 List

After a strong 2017, quarterback Jared Goff earned the No. 38 spot on this year’s NFL Top 100.

In 2017, the entire Rams roster experienced an incredible turnaround under first-year head coach Sean McVay. But perhaps the most impressive year-to-year development came from quarterback Jared Goff, who recorded 3,804 passing yards and 28 touchdowns, with just seven interceptions.

And while his stat line from 2017 was significant enough, many outside of the building expect Goff to be even better in 2018 — as evident from his first career appearance on the NFL’s Top 100 List.

The annual ranking system is determined by current NFL players and is based on an athlete’s projected performance for the next season. At No. 38, the Cal product became the fifth Ram to be named to the list, joining teammates Andrew Whitworth (No. 87), Marcus Peters (No. 79), Ndamukong Suh (No. 61) and Aqib Talib (No. 53).

Last season, Goff developed as a true leader on the Rams offense, effectively distributing the ball to a wide variety of receivers, while appearing more poise Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey d and confident on field. Not only did he finish with the league’s fifth-highest passer rating (100.5), but he also led the  Marco Estrada Jersey Sale NFL with 12.9 yards per completion.

In his second year under McVay’s guidance and flanked by familiar faces at several different positions, Goff is projected to continue his development into one of the league’s brightest young quarterbacks.

The NFL Network will continue to air its “Top 100 Players of 2018” series every week, leading up to the final 10 athletes on Monday, June 25. Episodes will air live on NFL Network every Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

Fans can see the full list as it is revealed week-by-week, and can read the full analysis of each ranking at NFL.com/top100.

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